Montagne Jeunesse: an outstanding company, unique beauty products

Posted on 18/01/2018 by coolbrandz

Montagne Jeunesse is a global beauty brand that is selling products in eighty-seven countries worldwide. Their iconic face masks are a weekly beauty essential for many women, who love the brand for its quirky packaging, vegetarian ingredients and, of course, its cruelty-free credentials.

The brand’s story

The Montagne Jeunesse brand straddles two worlds; it falls into a consumer desire for escapism and fantasy whilst at the same time tapping into the arena of regime skincare, which consumers see as integral to their weekly wellbeing. Montagne Jeunesse face masks are natural and nourishing beauty treatments that leave your skin feeling and looking great. All of the brand’s products are bursting with natural goodness, and are eco-friendly and vegetarian approved.

Montagne Jeunesse has grown a lot since its humble beginnings 28 years ago, when founder and chairman Greg Butcher, a staunch vegetarian, made natural beauty products in his kitchen. The ’home grown’ natural values that he started the business with still remain close to the brand’s heart and everything it does today.

Loved and enjoyed by girls and women, boys and men of all ages, Montagne Jeunesse’s natural, nourishing face masks not only make your skin look good but make you feel great too. No longer just a fun, pampering treat Montagne Jeunesse face masks can be used weekly as part of your skincare regime for clear, healthy and glowing skin.

Core values: natural, environment friendly, cruelty freeMontagne-Jeunesse-Natural-Cosmetics

Montagne Jeunesse products are full of the most amazing natural ingredients that really leave the skin feeling and looking great. The brand’s heritage and values play an important part in how it behaves and what it stands for. It is showing love for animals as a founding member of the Cosmetics Industry Coalition for Animal Welfare (CICAW) and all of its products are BUAV/Cruelty Free International approved. In fact, all Montagne Jeunesse products are vegetarian approved and some are vegan too.

Montagne Jeunesse’s main aim is to become 100% renewable energy self-sufficient. Its ethos is ‘Conservation of Energy, Protection of Animals and the Environment.’ Montagne Jeunesse face masks are as natural as the brand can possibly make them using a totally natural and paraben-free enzyme-based preservative system. As the masques are in single use, recyclable sachets, they need less preservative, making them as pure and fresh as they can be.

The brand’s headquarters, called The Green Barn, are located on an energy park in Wales. There Montagne Jeunesse is even growing meadow to attract butterflies and bees! They also created a Green Team that monitors the company’s impact on the environment. You can see, Montage Jeunesse is very serious about producing effective, natural, ethical and green skin care products…but they know how to have fun too!

New product experience: Peel off mask and Clay Spa

If a brand is cool like that we naturally want to share it with our community. We are thus delighted to be able to offer of our coolbranders the possibility to discover Montagne Jeunesse and its outstanding products for themselves! 500 Swiss consumers will get the possibility to try out and review a Peel Off Masque and a Clay Spa.

Montagne-Jeunesse-Clay-SpaPeel Offs from Montagne Jeunesse

The range of outstanding Peel off Masks from Montagne Jeunesse are bursting with the most delicious and invigorating natural ingredients and have lots of juicy benefits for healthy and cleansed skin. They are very easy to apply and ultra gentle on the skin. Peeling them off reveals a purified and refreshed complexion by removing dead skin and impurities.

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa’s

A world’s first in face care! Montage Jeunesse created a whole new type of face masque: Clay Spa’s. These new, ground-breaking face masks deliver a unique, enhanced cleansing experience. The specially sourced clays are infused into natural bamboo fabric making the deep cleansing of the skin quicker, easier and very convenient.

If you are interested in participating in this product experience, please visit the dedicated campaign page.




  1. Merci Coolbrandz de m’avoir permis de tester ces produits. J’ai utilisé les deux, celui à la boue de la mer morte est mon préféré, j’ai adoré son action sur ma peau qu’il a bien purifiée, mais aussi apaisée.
    Celui à la grenade sent divinement bon, il est très facile à appliquer, mais un peu moins à retirer comme souvent avec les masques Peel-off, mais un petit coup d’eau thermale sur les résidus et c’est tout bon !
    Je les rachèterai surement si je les trouve près de chez moi !

    Merci encore 😉
    A bientôt

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