Nothing says “Us” like Nobis: Luxury Apparel

Posted on 03/01/2020 by Eileen Schuch
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Baby, it’s cold outside! Luckily, in Switzerland, we are spoiled with pristine winter scapes, snowy forests and perfect powder slopes. Mountain adventure is only a stone throw away from most urban conglomerates. Those seeking to embrace the elements have a partner in Nobis who understands their need for functional, yet stylish clothes. The brand originating from Canada redefines luxury apparel.

Nobis proposes original clothing with a high level of functionality and fashion-forward silhouettes. Outerwear, headwear, knitwear, and shoes for women, men and kids, nothing says “us” like “nobis”. Whatever the weather, nobis dresses the whole family. Embracing the elements has never been more stylish!

Collections by nobis have a range of multi-functional jackets that protect the wearer in extreme to mild temperatures. Combining classic tailored silhouettes with a premium fit and a forever-timeless style. Nobis “fashion meets function” lineup ensures there’s a piece for every individual – for strength lies in individuality, not similarities. Trends will come and go but style, function, and quality will remain forever timeless.

One of the special features that Nobis integrates in their clothing is the Sympatex® branded membrane: a protective internal lamination. It creates a waterproof, windproof and breathable outer shell that minimizes bodily heat loss while maintaining breathability.


nobis winter goodies sapna beanie yale cap


The Core Collection

The Core Collection is fueled by the belief that there is no compromising style, warmth, or comfort. Driven by the passion for all things awesome and the aim to provide premium quality outerwear, this category has been constructed to face the harshest of winter’s elements, without hesitation. Consistent with nobis’ tradition of providing something for everyone, the brand is proud to introduce new key silhouettes with refreshing colour combinations.



Collection: nobis x Black

nobis x Black was inspired by the need for simple sophistication without compromising the core values of nobis. This all black cotton/nylon offering brings a collective of carefully crafted silhouettes. Think functional wearability of the past with premium aesthetics, industrial uniform and utilitarian style constructions. With a more understated, simplistic approach with practical details, this collection is trimmed with lush faux black fur.

Collection: The Collective

The Collective Collection is an iconic, tailored offering; inspired by a rediscovered appreciation for the more simplified lifestyle of the past. Traditional iconic silhouettes have been carefully reworked, revived and tailored without compromising the technical elements synonymous with nobis’ core value of exceeding expectation. Its rich and tonal colour palette is a refreshing take on the simplicity of these quality-constructed pieces while embracing the term collective in its’ purest form.

The Sterling Collection

This collection is symbolized by an affixed 925 Sterling Silver branded pin, highlighting the premium sophistication of this ultra-exclusive collection. Vintage inspired silhouettes, with sophisticated design elements, have been meticulously tailored using only the finest materials and technologies, worthy of

a collection of such premium elegance. Each and every exquisite detail has exceeded the stringent requirement for product quality and functionality. Only pieces from the Sterling Collection will bear the coveted 925 Sterling Silver Nobis Skull.



The Jersey Collection

Inspired and influenced by hybrid thinking, nobis continued to apply unique combinations to achieve distinctive detailed results synonymous to the nobis culture. Think casual sport meets street luxe with sophisticated functional aesthetics. The technical innovations include the new lightweight nobis EmbraceTM membrane bonded to a cozy-soft, lightweight, stretch jersey. 10,000mm windproof, waterproof and breathable, this category was built for the transitioning commute from late summer into late autumn and all that the unexpected season brings.

The Lightweights

The Lightweights Collection was inspired in part by the unpredictability of transitional off-season weather. Laminated with a 10,000mm windproof, waterproof breathable EmbraceTM membrane, this non-insulated offering protects you from the unexpected without compromising style, function, or comfort. It’s all in the details.

The Flyweights

The Flyweights Collection is nobis’ response to the ever-changing global winters and the growing need for stylish ultra-light insulated outerwear. This collection has been designed as a distinct departure from the shiny stitch through, lightweight jackets, so prevalent with today’s urban commuters. This collection focuses on practical styling, obsessive attention to detail and excellence in warmth to weight ratio.



nobis Headwear & Accessories

Think traditional & classic silhouettes with a twist, faux fur pom-poms and hybrid faux fur collared scarves. Think smart yet relaxed luxury: tweed and melton caps with leather straps, Lambswool tweed yarns, and 100% cashmere. Think signature silhouettes such as the ‘Carton and Vice Toque’ with clever handcrafted details and cosy knit yarns; nobis has something for everyone. The proof: the beanie and cap you can win via our Advent Calendar.

Celebrity endorsements

Nobis works with many great celebrities and passionate people from a wide range of industries. Dressing Influencers in their fabulous clothes, having them endorse and spread the message of the brand around the world is part of nobis’ value set. Look at Rey Rodriguez, Mister Columbia International 2012, Model, Journalist and Fashion Influencer. We met him at an event and a spontaneous photo shoot subsequently organized. What is he wearing? That’s right: nobis!


A post shared by REYRO (@reyrodriguez_suisse) on

A post shared by REYRO (@reyrodriguez_suisse) on

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