Pro Fiber by L’Oréal Professionnel: these Swiss bloggers have tested Restore for you

Posted on 14/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch
ProFiber Restore

When L’Oréal Professionnel launched Pro Fiber in 2015, coolbrandz invited selected Swiss bloggers to test this new, revolutionary hair care protocol. Participating L’Oréal Professionnel partner salons welcomed the girls and took them through the procedure: from the diagnosis, to the selection of the appropriate care products, to the treatment in the salon right to explaining how to continue the Pro Fiber routine at home. But what did the girls think of the outcome? We have summarized the testimonials of those having experienced Pro Fiber Restore for you below.

Pro-Fiber Restore: what Swiss bloggers say about it 

In 2015, Vali from ChouChou was pregnant and her hair in desperate need of some serious care. Like all expecting women, she got a lot of advice from her friends and family about things to do and not to do during pregnancy: relax, eat well, take vitamins…not drink coffee, not eat raw meat and not dye hair! Well, that was a bit of a dilemma because she had previously opted for an ombré look. Only after a few weeks it didn’t look anything like at the beginning. And as coloration was not an option for her, what to do? Cut it all off? We suggested trying the Pro Fiber treatment in order to tame that mane and help her hair back to health and shine.

The salon that received Vali was MYNT in Basel. It was her first time there and she loved it: for the charming interior, the relaxing ambiance and, above all, the friendly welcome with which she was received. Like herself, Oriana, the hairdresser who would take care of her, has Italian roots. They instantly connected and this “salon – blogger match” was truly one made in heaven!

Oriana explained the procedure and took Vali through every step of the treatment. First: the diagnosis. Vali’s hair revealed to be relatively fine and moderately damaged – coloration, heat styling and co. all left their traces. The line Oriana prescribed was RESTORE, with the option to continue with RECTIFY once the health of Vali’s hair was restored. One characteristic of the Pro Fiber line that was mentioned by everyone who tried it, apart from the repairing effect, of course, is the perfume that emanates from the products. And Vali, too, highlighted the wonderful smell that distinguishes the Restore products: peony, clove and santal. “Yum”, she says, and that “the perfume lasts for a long time”. Something I can personally confirm – as a side note – because I got the RESTORE line myself and I love the perfume of santal. Characterful, yet subtle and soothing it accompanies you throughout the day. But back to Vali’s salon experience….

One question that we were asked many times is « Why does the treatment start in the salon, is it not possible to just get the products and apply Pro Fiber at home? » Part of the answer lies in what precedes: only the professional hairdresser can determine exactly which line corresponds to your hair’s needs by the diagnosis. It is important to apply the right products in order to achieve the best result: too much care could weigh the hair down, not enough would not treat the problem. Therefore, the hairdresser selects the products from the appropriate line and applies them in the salon: shampoo, concentrate, mask… Oriana found a very simple way to help us visualize what happens: during the salon treatment, APTYL 100 is applied. This innovative molecular complex works a bit like a magnet. It envelops the hair fiber and facilitates the penetration of the actives contained in the care products you apply at home.

After Vali’s salon treatment, of which you can see pictures on her blog, she said her hair looked simply beautiful: healthy and shiny.

Vali ChouChou ProFiber

Oriana then gave her shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum and re-charges to take home, with the recommendation to wash her hair as usual, apply the conditioner every second wash, the mask every or every second week, the leave-in care as and when required. It is important, however, to reactivate the APTYL 100 every forth hair wash by applying a re-charge monodose. You can see how she applied Pro Fiber at home in this Video Tutorial.

Vali was not the only person we let experience Pro Fiber and the feedback we got from everyone who tried it was unanimous: a fabulous hair care that really keeps its promise!

Valentina from My Sweet Valentine, for example, suffered from dull, lifeless hair after coming home from vacation. Sun, sea and sand have damaged her long, colored hair. She was amazed by the results of the Pro Fiber treatment she received at Hairmania in Geneva : “My hair is shiny, feels strong and healthy. It is soft to the touch. I am really impressed with the result!” You can find the full review on her blog >>> 

Summy from the Stradivarius Sisters really loved the outcome, too. Since her salon experience at Intercoiffure Kaiser in Biel and applying the care at home, her hair feels soft and deeply nourished. You can read up on her experience by following this link >>>

Larissa from Luxusmetropole was received by Gerardo Cordasco in Chur and says that her hair was never more beautiful: “The products smell wonderful. The treatment feels good and is efficient. My hair is soft, straight and shiny.” You can find the full review on her blog >>> She also produced a video about her Pro Fiber experience. Check it out!

Via our blogger testimonials you have heard a lot about APTYL100. Oriana from MYNT explained to Vali, that “it works a bit like a magnet”. Let’s take a closer look at the science behind this innovation.

Pro Fiber innovates with APTYL 100, an unprecedented restorative molecule

If Pro Fiber by L’Oréal Professionnel is the result of 15 years of research in the field of brittle and damaged hair, its success is due to the discovery of a technology that makes it possible to implement a restorative molecule in the depth of each hair: APTYL 100. But what exactly IS this?

Aptyl 100 = aminosilane + cationic polymers

The molecule with the odd name reveals its power when the two assets combine. The charge of aminosilane is to reconstruct and strengthen the fiber, whereas the cationic polymer creates a sheath and silky finish.

Aminosilane is a silicon compound and is responsible for reconstituting and enhancing your hair. It actively penetrates deep into the hair structure, thanks to a technology developed by L’Oréal Research: with this sol-gel technology, aminosilane penetrates deep into the hair.

“Containing a mineral part, it creates a 3D network by forming a silica framework. The second part, which is organic, allows a firm anchoring to the fiber. Applied on the hair, it enters the capillary structure to the level of the cortex. Its action is sustainable and most effective when the hair is damaged.”

The second component, the cationic polymer, is used to sheath your hair, thus making it soft after the application of treatments. Its positive charges are attracted to the parts where the hair is negatively charged, i.e. the more damaged sections. To combine the polymer with the aminosilane, L’Oréal Professional is committed to a careful selection to use only polymer with high cationicity, conducive to be most effective with the damaged fibers.

Combining for the first time aminosilane with an outstanding cationic polymer, L’Oréal Professionnel revolutionizes hair care by enabling long-lasting results for weakened, damaged hair.

Our Coolgirls confirm it: Pro Fiber really does keep its promise. If you would like to try it out for yourself, you can apply via coolbrandz! We have five complete Pro Fiber treatments to share with our readers. Subscribe right now >>>




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