Revitalift Filler [HA]: Revolumising Anti-Age Skincare by L’Oréal Paris

Posted on 04/10/2018 by Eileen Schuch

With age, the skin looks tired, wrinkled and flaccid because the natural hyaluronic acid content decreases steadily. The skin slumps and loses its elasticity. Volume loss is the result. With Revitalift FILLER [HA] L’Oréal Paris presents a revolumising anti-aging care with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid [HA] for visibly plumper skin.

The power of hyaluronic acid [HA]

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by the body. The body’s own hyaluronic acid helps to provide the skin with moisture and thus to maintain elasticity. Chemically, hyaluronic acid is a chain of sugar molecules that can bind large amounts of water and thus serves as a moisture retainer. Approximately 50% of it is in the skin – pulping it, strengthening the connective tissue and binding free radicals. During the aging process the level of natural hyaluronic acid decreases. The skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear.

The REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] skincare line from L’Oréal Paris provides hyaluronic acid. The formulas contain highly concentrated hyaluronic acid that penetrates deep into the skin, making it look firmer and visibly reducing wrinkles.

A new beauty routine for revolumised skin

What exactly distinguishes the REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] from other skin care products? The L’Oréal scientists developed it specifically for people aged 35+. Several years of research resulted in a patented formula: among all skin care lines from L’Oréal Paris, REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] is the one with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid. The line consists of serum, day cream, night cream and eye care. Daily use ensures revitalized, plumper skin and fuller looking contours.

Revitalift Filler [HA]: put to the test

In September, we were looking for Swiss ladies, who would like to test REVITALIFT FILLER [HA] and share their product experience with us. Over 450 of you subscribed to the campaign and we thank you all so much for your enthusiasm! You are absolutely amazing!! However, with only 30 test kits available, we had to select very carefully. If you are one of the campaign participants you will have received your parcel already. If not, you can take this chance to get a product, too! We have 5 more day creams to give to ladies who would like to test and create a personal story with REVITALIFT FILLER [HA]. To participate, simply like this post and leave a comment below until 20.10.16 explaining why you should be selected. Good luck! We look forward to sharing this product experience with you.

First impressions from campaign participants

Below, we are sharing some selected pictures that have already been posted by our coolgirls. Bookmark this link and come back regularly to see the story unfold! On the campaign page, all web contents are aggregated, too!




  1. Starting to have already the first wrinkles, I am always looking for new products to take care of them. Definitely, I would really love to test it!!

  2. Starting to have already the first wrinkles, I am always looking for new products to take care of them. Definitely, I would really love to test it!!

  3. Having already to have the first wrinkles, I am always looking for something to care about my face. I really want to test it!!

  4. This is awesome! I am fast approaching the big 4-0 and am therefore in desperate need to keep my youthful looks…

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