SOS flat, lifeless hair: Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller

Posted on 20/03/2018 by coolbrandz

Are you fed up with thin and flat hair, with no volume to speak of? The solution: Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller. Get an instant boost, with visibly fuller, thicker hair you can see, feel and show-off!

gamme Densify copy4 products to transform your hair: a fortifying Shampoo, a Conditioner, the Ends Plumper and a spray finish Voluptuous Blow-out. Down with hair that is flat and dull! Garnier Fructis Prachtauffüller lifts it up!

Your aim: get visibly fuller and thicker hair

Forget emergency hairdos like the backcombed bun, no more headache, no strands that are so thin that they just will not stay in place… bring your hair back in shape: add thickness, volume and life. For flawless volume, Garnier gives a new swing to your hair!

The secret: a revolutionary molecule, Fibra-Cylane

Found after 10 years of research, this magic potion is protruding right into the heart of each hair to widen the diameter of the interior and to strengthen the fibre from the inside out. Once in contact with the proteins and amino acids of the hair fibre, the molecule helps to thicken it and to develop more density. Together with pomegranate, antioxidant-rich and ultra-nourishing, your hair is treated and nourished without being weighed down. Soft, silky and voluminous – it is easier to style and comfortable to touch.

The result? Stunning!

The combination of concentrated Fibra-Cylane and pomegranate delivers amazing results! As can be expected, the difference is visible from the first few applications: the hair is fuller, livelier, with a velvety touch. Mission accomplished!

The plus factor? The smell! As always, Garnier Fructis again manages to envelope our bathrooms with delicious fragrances of fresh fruit. Pure bliss!

What products, what hairstyle? There’s a tutorial for that!

Just in time to sublime your hair for summer, Garnier Fructis gives you some tutorials for successful styling: the messy look, the loose bun or the high pony tail. Using Prachtauffüller products, any chosen hairstyle will be successful and, enhanced by the Finish Spray with micro-powder and Polymer fixing that brings forth an unbeatable fit and texture, last throughout the day!

After winter’s capillary apathy, let your hair spring into action. Bye-bye thin hair – say hello to the voluminous, voluptuous mane you always longed for.

TV campaign FRUCTIS Prachtaufüller von GARNIER (German)

TV campaign FRUCTIS Matière & Densité de GARNIER (French)




  1. I have tested the shampoo and conditioner and I’ve liked them a lot, I have already published my review here with BEFORE and AFTER pictures.
    I was very enthousiastic to receive these products since thinning hair is a real problem for me. Just a pitty I ONLY got two products, I saw other bloggers got all four of them :/ Well, maybe next time! 😀

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