The Top 5 Bridal Trends for Summer 2019

Posted on 30/06/2019 by Eileen Schuch
TheRealReal Summer Wedding Trends

If you’re planning a summer wedding this year, you want to keep everything updated and modern. This allows you to have a wedding that is not easy to forget. Thanks to The RealReal, you’ll be able to get some of the best ideas available when it concerns your summertime engagement. The RealReal offers many different products and styles available to make it easier than ever for you to get items for lower prices than you would if you were looking elsewhere. In terms of summertime looks and styles, it’s best to stick with name brands that you can relate to and that have a modern, uplifting twist.

1. Nude Pumps

Nude pumps are all the rage when it comes to a summertime wedding. The color can match virtually any and all dresses or styles as well as helps your legs to look longer. One of the most sought-after nude pumps available right now from The RealReal is the Gucci Patent Leather Nude Toe Pump. This Gucci item is extraordinary and can fit into virtually any style that you’re looking to achieve for your upcoming wedding. It’s easy to pair these pumps with virtually anything you’re going to be wearing for your wedding or for your bridesmaids.

2. Patent Leather Handbags

A gorgeous little patent leather handbag can match with your nude pumps in a way that allows the bag to pop. Plus, the bag comes in handy for stashing away essentials in a stylish, modern way. One of the most sought-after patent leather handbags available is the Louis Vuitton Vernis Reade PM. This amazing bag made by Louis Vuitton has taken the world by storm and is a great option for those planning a summer wedding. It can go with most outfits and can be a perfect addition to your dress or outfit.

3. Floral Designs

As always, floral designs are in when it concerns summertime weddings. You can feel confident with the best floral designs out there, knowing that they will go with just about any type of wedding that you’re choosing to go with on your own. You can either pair floral designs around the wedding to your dress, allowing everything to match perfectly and allowing you to feel confident in knowing you’re going with a modern and more sophisticated touch.

4. Beachy Themes

The summertime is a staple for all things beach-related. Because of this, you’re going to want to look into going with a more beachy theme so that you are able to incorporate the season you’re getting married in with the event itself. You may even want to consider having the wedding on the beach, giving you the chance to feel confident in your decision to have an event that is completely different from anything else you might have seen before.

5. Flowing, Light Dresses

There is nothing more sophisticated at a wedding than flowing, light dresses. Whether this is something you’re going to be wearing as the bride or the dresses that your bridesmaids are going to be wearing, it’s never been easier for you to make use of these dresses and know that they are going to fit well.


TheRealReal Summer Bridal Trends Wedding


By choosing some of the biggest trends for your 2019 summer wedding, you can rest assured that you’ll have an event that is unforgettable and easy for your budget. By looking at some of the biggest fashion names in the industry and knowing you’re choosing an option that’s right for you, you will find that you look and feel your best for your upcoming event.



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