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Posted on 06/05/2020 by Eileen Schuch
Uppercut Deluxe Bearded Tattooed Stylish

You have a beard worthy of a gentleman, you wish to take good care of it and want to look your absolute best at all times? Good. Because we have just what you need: Uppercut Deluxe, Mühle, and more male care and style products that are handpicked by Damien Rothen.

He created his eBoutique in 2013 and is since serving modern gentlemen with an ever-growing array of high-quality products, all irresistible in their own way. Featured on the site are the indispensable shoemaker and barber, grooming and beauty products, accessories, lifestyle, and fashion as well as tutorials, tips, and gift ideas.

The modern man is more concerned with how he looks than in the past: he pays attention to his appearance and carefully considers the image he sends out. For a product to be of interest for Damien, it has to inspire emotion, either in its design or through the properties it offers. All the products he offers in his eBoutique are selected on that basis. Once a product has won Damien over, he works on the principle that if he likes it, his customers will probably like it, too. That’s the blueprint that is used to build and develop the catalogue. Two such fabulous brands are Mühle and Uppercut Deluxe, which we want to present to you in more detail.

Mühle Shaving Culture: Traditionally forward-looking

The owner and producer of the MÜHLE  brand is Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG. The pioneering medium-sized enterprise is based in Stützengrün, Saxony. Their products are distributed worldwide. Both the location and the employees are characterized by a genuine passion for wet shaving.

The business has been owner-managed – now in the third generation – since 1945. The company’s actions are driven by an affinity with nature and a desire for the very highest quality. Expert know-how and pioneering spirit flow into every product, whether it be a handcrafted unique item or serially produced goods. Mühle dedicates itself just as successfully to the distribution of other international brands for body care and beauty. As a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony, the company is committed to sustainability and cooperates with suppliers who uphold the same high standards.

With exemplary in-house production depth and consummate designs, Mühle has developed into one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving.

The RYTMO Gift Set featured here below consists of a shaving brush with 21 mm ring, Black Badger hair, and handle of high-grade resin in black with black metal parts, 5-blade-razor, compatible with Gillette Fusion™ and a stand made of metal. Uppercut Deluxe Mühle Rasurkultur



Who is Uppercut Deluxe and what does the brand stand for?

Inspired by the timeless style of the 1950s barbershop and its spiritual founder, Willy Uppercut O’Shea, Uppercut Deluxe is a modern, yet traditional approach to men’s grooming. An Australian born brand made with only the finest ingredients, Uppercut Deluxe delivers a core range of high-quality grooming products for men.

Barbering is a timeless trade that really cultivates community. You know how much perfectly groomed beards are always in fashion and how the barber scene and culture are celebrating a real come back these days. Finally, grooming and elegance are cool and masculine again. Hallelujah!

The Uppercut Deluxe brand was created by Luke Newman and Steve Purcell, two childhood friends, who share a passion for barbering, surf and skate. Steve is Willy O’Shea’s grandson. The nickname ‘Uppercut’ was attributed to Willy O’Shea, who was part of a boxing troupe touring rural Australia during the Great Depression, because his motto always was ‘a hard beginning, maketh a good end’. In this spirit, and to honour Willy O’Shea legacy, Luke and Steve included ‘Uppercut’ in the brand name and immortalized his image on every product.

The brand was launched in 2009 and the first product was the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. Committed to creating a high-quality timeless grooming product that their clients could use for a lifetime, Luke and Steve worked with their chemists for over a year on the elaboration of their first pomade. Naturally, we have slipped this product in the Gift Crate.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade: birth of an Icon

Soon after getting into Barbering, the founders of Uppercut Deluxe quickly realized that existing products just didn’t do it for the styles they were being asked to cut and shape in their barbershop. Some products were too greasy, others dried out. Some were too heavy while others didn’t hold shape.

Deluxe Pomade was their solution. They created a product that holds hair perfectly in place, while giving the definition and shine that so many classic styles need to look good: pompadours, side parts or slick-back sides. With strong hold and just the right amount of shine that doesn’t dry out, this Pomade has it all. The best bit – it washes out with no fuss. Its formulation is water-based, meaning it washes out easily leaving no ugly residue. A must-have product no guy should do without.

How to use pomade: the Basics

Pomade is applied to dry hair. With dry hands! You start by working a small amount of product into your dry palms. Make sure to spread the pomade evenly across both hands. Then, apply a small amount to the fringe area using your fingertips. After that, work from the back of your head forwards making sure to spread the product evenly throughout your hair. Using the Uppercut Deluxe Comb, which we have also included in your crate, shape and define your style from root to tip, front to back. For extra hold or shine, build up layers of Deluxe Pomade as you go, before setting your style tight. Take a step back, and – tadaaa – admire.

Besides the Pomade, what else did we put in your gift boxes? In the Uppercut Deluxe Wooden Crate, you will find Soap, an all-rounder, made from made natural ingredients such as goats milk and oatmeal making it extra gentle on the skin, no harsh chemical fragrances, suitable for all skin types. Toothbrush: made of bamboo it is good for your breath and for the planet, medium strength bristles. The Face Wash is all you need to keep your skin in good nick, contains exfoliating beads for ultimate cleanliness. Great for use before shaving! Also included: the ultimate Beard Grooming Trio consisting of Beard Balm, Shave Cream, and Aftershave Moisturiser. To round up this series of beard care products, we slipped Mo Wax in your crate as well because every moustache needs a little help to stay smooth and slick.

Why is beard balm so important?

Growing a stylish beard is no easy task. It requires regular maintenance to stay looking wholesome and manly, with some serious days of dedicated stroking, massaging and fondling before the desired profile is achieved. To many, they’re the ultimate fashion accessory, feared and revered alike by women (and men) across the globe.

Believe it or not, men with beards are actually sensitive souls, prone to itchy skin, flyaway hairs and those tricky little ginger ones – long story short, much like the hairs on your head, beards need care and attention to keep looking good. Here is how:


Stay sharp, people and follow Gentilhomme online. Check Damien’s blog, too! He regularly publishes great tutorials!







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