Vichy Slow Age: Put the brakes on your pace – and on skin ageing

Posted on 12/07/2018 by Raquel Monteiro

Are you always living in the fast lane? Feel like you never have enough time? Too much information; too many emails and tweets? It’s time to slow down. Breathe in, breathe out; take your time. Living life at a hundred miles per hour has repercussions on our health and on our skin. So, what if we decided to stop running and live life to the full instead? Are you in? Then say no more: you’re already a Slow Life convert.

What is Slow Life?

The possibility of a laid-back, enriching lifestyle is no longer reserved for a select few with good connections. These days, many of us are familiar with the concept of burnout. Addressing the crux of modern living problems, the Slow Life philosophy aims to free us from an over busy, harmful life; it encourages us to make the most of our time and learn to savour the present moment. In short, it’s good for our mental and physical health, and our skin, too!

A new beauty routine

With plenty of evidence to back up the cause, Vichy is fighting in favour of the Slow Life concept, and against the signs of time.

Is your skin raising the anti-ageing alarm? The ageing process, diminished skin hydration and a weakened skin barrier can be triggered by 9 factors. 5 factors are internal: tiredness, stress, emotions, dietary habits and trouble sleeping. There are 4 external factors: pollution, tobacco, the environment and sun exposure.

Time leaves its mark on the skin; that’s a fact. The real challenge, then, is to slow down the signs of ageing and keep them at bay. Vichy’s mission is to help our skin look into the future with optimism and confidence. Vichy Slow Age in combination with Slow Living as the key to beautiful skin.

Anti-Ageing: 3 ingredients with unique benefits

Vichy has developed a new treatment known as Slow Age. This is the first daily skincare routine that enables you to slow down signs of ageing and correct them right when they form. The treatment uses three active ingredients highlighted in anti-ageing research: an antioxidant extract from baicalin root, fortifying probiotic bifidus and Vichy’s mineralising thermal water. Baicalin root is a powerful antioxidant. Straight from China, it’s a flower with multiple benefits, resistant to both UV rays and extreme low temperatures. Bifidus from probiotics reinforces the skin’s barrier and reduces skin sensitivity. The treatment also contacts UVA and UVB protection, without leaving a white residue or greasy finish.

Who should use Vichy Slow Age?

The product has been developed for all women from 25 years of age, living in an urban environment where the skin is subject to the harmful effects of pollution, UV rays, stress and fatigue. Slow Age is for women who wish to future-proof their skin with a real treatment rather than just a moisturiser, and for women who take care to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Creamy, smooth skincare: A must-have

Vichy Slow Age is a liquid skincare product that is fresh and velvety to the touch. To defy the laws of gravity and allow Vichy to launch a perfect product that keeps its promises, over 100 studies have been carried out by a team of scientific experts. Slow Age should be used morning and evening, either on its own or over a serum for maximum effect.

Are you tempted by the Slow Life? To help distressed skin and improve your complexion, we have three words for you: Vichy Slow Age.

We are looking for 1000 Swiss ladies, who would like to test Vichy Slow Âge and share feedback about their product experience online. Interested? Subscribe right now!




  1. Bin fleissig am Testen und bis jetzt durchaus zufrieden mit Vichy Slow Age! Die Creme riecht sehr angenehm und zieht schnell ein. Meine Haut sieht danach einfach viel frischer aus!

  2. Merci beaucoup pour les échantillons reçus. Ils comportent juste la quantité nécessaire par application. Sa texture est très agréable et dégage une odeur agréable. Après quelques jours d’applications, le visage paraît moins fatigué et plus tonique. Il semblerait donc que cela ait un effet bénéfique.
    Merci encore.

  3. J’ai essayé la nouvelle #vichyslowage; c’est vraiment une merveilleuse sensation ! La peau a immédiatement un éclat divers et compact. Le parfum du produit est agréable. Le bienfaisant perdure pour longtemps.
    Maintenant mon visage a une belle couleur pour le soleil des vacances, alors je vais utiliser Vichy Slow Âge en automne, parce que j’ai l’impression que cette crème me lève un peu mon bronzage. Merci encore pour l’occasion de tester ce très valable produit avent le lancement sur le marché suisse.

    • Merci beaucoup de nous avoir confirmé la bonne réception! Nous te souhaitons plein de plaisir en découvrant ce nouveau soin Vichy et sommes impatients de connaitre ton avis!

    • Wundervoll! Danke für dein Interesse, im Moment haben wir nur Muster zur Verfügung, denn der offizielle Launch ist erst im September. So kannst du testen und sehen, wie dir Vichy Slow Age gefällt. <3

    • Chances are good for you to get a letter from us! 1000 are to distribute, so… 🙂 If you have friends who might be interested in Vichy Slow Age, too, please do not hostage to invite them to the campaign!

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