Damien Rothen, founder of gentilhomme.ch – The Boutique for gentlemen

Posted on 24/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Well-stocked boutiques and luxury brands for the modern gent don’t exactly spring up on every street corner. With that in mind, any opportunity for a man to satisfy his taste for the finer things is more than welcome! An expert in men’s fashion, Damien Rothen acts as style guru to the cultured man. He hides behind the scenes of online boutique gentilhomme.ch, which is serving modern gentlemen since 2013 with an array of high quality products, all irresistible in their own way. They all have one thing in common, though: a customer who pays special attention to his style and appearance. Featured on the site are the indispensable bootmaker and barber, as well as grooming products and accessories. Here a short Q&A with Damien:

1. Tell us how the idea for gentilhomme.ch came about?

I created gentilhomme.ch to address two key observations. First, the modern man is more concerned with how he looks than in the past: he pays attention to his appearance and carefully considers the image he sends out. Second, there weren’t many online stores out there specialising in high end products for men, especially in Switzerland. That’s how this project took off three years ago. Since then, we’ve been driven by the ambition to become the first point of reference for men’s style in Switzerland.

2. You have an amazing eye for detail and all that is beautiful. What are your selection criteria for gentilhomme.ch?

For a product to be of interest it has to inspire emotion, either in its design or through the properties it offers. All the products we offer are selected on that basis. We only stock products that are interesting to us. I have to admit I’m that demanding customer who struggles to be satisfied by large retailers. Also, once a product has won me over, I work on the principle that if I like it, my customers will probably like it, too. That’s the blueprint that was used to build the Gentilhomme.ch catalogue.

3. What is the essence of being a true gentleman?

Being yourself, developing your own style and taking responsibility for your decisions. I believe that dormant in every man is a gentleman, just asking to be woken up. There’s no need to be too categorical or try too hard; very often style lies in simplicity. I’d say that the modern gentleman should take inspiration from current trends, without forgetting our fashion heritage from the past few centuries.

4. Who is your favourite gentleman?

Without being very original, I’d say Leonardo DiCaprio. On the one hand he embodies the modern man, always classy and very talented, a successful man. However, my admiration and respect for him come more from his involvement in defending various causes.

5. If a natural disaster struck, what would you save from the gentilhomme.ch range?

I’d imagine my choice would be a Swiss army knife if disaster struck, but if I had to save one product from the gentilhomme.ch catalogue it would most probably be a pair of shoetrees. The wooden support slips into shoes and can considerably lengthen their lifespan. When you spend a fortune on a pair of shoes, it’s essential to take good care of them. The shoetree should have its place in every gentleman’s dressing room; it’s such a useful item.



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