Fifty Shades of Friendship: Dakota Johnson x Estrella Damm, the beer of Barcelona 

Posted on 11/02/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Estrella Damm Dakota Johnson Vale

In time for Valentine’s Day Fifty Shades Darker is released and hits cinemas around the globe. We see a super sexy Dakota Johnson aka Anastasia Steele in hot and steamy scenes with Christian Grey, impersonated by Jamie Dornan – otherwise called “The Golden Torso” (and if you have seen the first part of the trilogy, you will know why).

Filming these hot scenes must have gotten Dakota quite thirsty, because in another (short) movie we see her swapping BDSM with beer and sex dungeons with dunes. In the Mediterranean, together with a group of friends she just met, she is refreshing with Estrella Damm during a summer vacation. Well, actually this is Rachel’s story, the character Miss Johnson impersonates.

Dakota Johnson stars in ‘Vale’, a short film by Estrella Damm

Award winning director Alejandro Amenábar and Estrella Damm teamed up to bring you a story about friendship and how you memorize all the good moments you share with friends on a deeper, subconscious level (a level so deep and dark that it would delight Anastasia’s inner goddess).

Joke aside; it is a very sweet, highly emotional story about a group of young people exploring the island of Ibiza featuring Dakota Johnson (50 Shades of Grey, A Bigger Splash), Natalia Tena (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones) and Quim Gutiérrez (3 Bodas de más, Primos).

Congrats to Estrella Damm for this smart move: using the short film genre as part of their storytelling. Vale was one of the highest trending videos on YouTube in Spain and achieved over 10 Mio views across Social Media.

Living Mediterraneanly, the essence of Estrella Damm

So, what is the story? Rachel (Dakota Johnson), an American tourist is travelling alone through Spain. When she gets to Ibiza she goes to a club where she meets a group of friends. They show her all the hotspots, take her to the best beaches and introduce her to typical food and local beer, Estrella. This means ‘star‘ in both Spanish and Catalan, and it is under the stars that Rachel and Victor (Quim Gutiérrez) finally catch a moment alone together, after his hilarious attempts to get her to notice him.

Neither one of them speaks the other’s language, but they share a passion for movies and music, a universal language that helps them connect on a deeper level. In fact, Victor accumulated his encyclopedic knowledge due to his incapacity to ever say no to an invitation to share a beer with his friends. Saying ’Vale’ instead not only got him to remember the name of the dog in ’There is something about Mary’ but also to charm Rachel. She in turn learns that it is ’OK’ to just go with the flow.

Vale is a story that is symbolic for today’s travelling youths and shows that language barriers are no obstacles when you share food, drinks and a thirst for life.

“We tried to reflect the values that are intimately connected with the Mediterranean, putting special emphasis on the cultural offerings,” the director of best foreign-language film Oscar winner The Sea Inside said. “Living Mediterraneanly means going out, meeting people and immersing yourself in music, film, theater and exhibits. We’d like the film to awaken the audience’s spirit of sociability and optimism and — why not? — a smile.” Edu Grau

Estrella Damm also commissioned singer-songwriter Maïa Vidal with the creation of a song dedicated to the film. It is called ’Our Place’ and perfectly captures the vibe of the Mediterranean. Available on Spotify and iTunes.

Maïa Vidal: Our Place for Estrella Damm (vocal at RAC105)

All there is for me to say, los amigos, is Vale Vale Valentine’s! Grab your love, make tapas and enjoy a cool, authentic sip of Mediterranean goodness. Tchin, tchin!



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