Coolbrander of the Week: Emilie, Swiss blogger aka Itzabem

Posted on 19/09/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Influencer Swiss Blog Youtuber Itzabem

In our column “Coolbrander of the week”, we put the spotlight on digital influencers and talents in our community. This week’s feature is dedicated to beautiful Emilie and her blog Itzabem. How to describe Emilie? I would say that, as a friend, Emilie is a kindhearted, loving and passionate person. She is absolutely fun to be around. Always good for a giggle and a bit mischievous, with this little French Touch that I love so much. Besides that, she is an absolute pro. Whatever the context, Emilie is like a poison dans l’eau and has the gift to put everyone around her at ease.

If someone asked me whom, if I could choose, I would want to be with on a deserted island, I would say Emilie. I know we would have a fabulous time relaxing the first view days and then have a great laugh making the best of the situation. We would come up with original solutions to get away, while cooking up the best possible dishes with the stuff we could find on the island. At some point, we would make a stylish escape, sponsored by life, and, best of all, still be friends when back in civilization.

Emilie is full of life and joie de vivre. Her laughter is contagious – in her YouTube videos we can hear it often, which is why I love watching them so much. It is on YouTube that I first discovered her and since then, we have realized a couple of projects together. Video is a media that Emilie embraces. It is probably the most multisensory form of expression currently available to us and she is an absolute natural in front of the camera. I also admire her sense of improvisation. Particularly when travelling, you don’t always know what the circumstances are when you arrive… So sharing these experiences with Emilie is both fun and easy going. She has a hands on, original approach to vlogging and I would not hesitate a second to realize another travel diary with her. In fact, I’m ready. Let’s go!

On her blog Itzabem, Emilie shares her videos and photos and talks about the things she likes in a playful voice. No chichi, no nonsense. Simply blogging like it used to be in the good old days. The pseudo @itzabem is the key to her universe that deploys across all Social Media. And below I am posting a little selection of her work.

Itzabem for Etyka Luxury (Unboxing of the Etyka Box)

Itzabem for JOBE Watersports (Standup Paddle Day Lake Geneva)

Itzabem for Ascona Locarno Turismo (Interview with China Moses, Ascona Jazz)



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