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Posted on 03/11/2018 by Amelie Nouhad Monpays
Laëtitia Berthoud Etyka Luxury

When I met the brilliant Laëtitia Berthoud it was the very first edition of my column “A table avec Amélie”. I was pretty nervous to be honest but this first lunch meeting promised to be wonderful. And so it was!

A young lady came up to me, slender and elegant, with a bright smile, a chic hairstyle, and dressed in delicate pink. Everything perfectly fitted the beautiful box, which she carefully transported in a nice knotted bag. We met at Ou bien encore, the newest vegan hotspot in Geneva.

At “Ou bien encore”, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free specials are served every day (you can chose according to your taste or dietary needs) as well as fabulous pastries. They are beautifully assembled and incredibly delicious; the right place for my meeting dear Laëtitia.

Etyka offers women an ethical and elegant box, until today the only “Luxury Slow Life” box in Europe. Every month, there is a medley of 7 to 10 items from the areas of lifestyle, gourmet, cosmetics and culture as well as a dedicated magazine.

The box is offered in 3 different types of subscriptions. There is one more concept box (Poudrée), which is always a special edition and available for a price of only CHF 59.-. That makes it perfect as a small gift for yourself or a friend. You can find out more about the different types of boxes at

At our lunch, Laëtitia answered a few of my questions and our conversation “between girls” allowed me to get to know the person behind the concept, which is very close to my own values.

Laëtitia is undoubtedly a passionate vegan, but not extreme (her husband and son eat everything). At the age of 7, she decided to eat only vegan, and she never changed back. Her motif: not her own well-being, but that of the animals she loves so much.

A sensitive person with diverse interests, creative, impatient and energetic; Laëtitia has already practiced several professions. Her true vocation, however, is the issue of sustainability and animal protection. She searched a long time for her place in the world, and after truly listening to her inner voice, launched the Etyka Box that is symbolic of her values: another, conscious, trendy kind of consumption, with elegant products in a beautiful packaging.

Laëtitia breaks with the prejudice that is often associated with people adopting a vegan lifestyle – eating only grains, being dressed in jute, wearing Birkenstocks. Oh no, none of that! Laëtitia is a sassy female entrepreneur, pretty and elegant, who markets her life philosophy neatly wrapped in a beautiful pink box. Below our interview:

1. Could you present yourself in a few phrases: Who are you? Where do you come from?

 I live in Geneva since 2005; I am married and the mom of a little boy. An entrepreneur at heart, I took a marketing class and thereafter decided to launch my own business; a company that has meaning and that offers the key to a more conscious consumption. A company that has meaning and that promotes strong values.

2. Can you explain how the whole story started, what the concept is, how you curate the products and who your clients are?

First of all, Etyka is a philosophy, a way to create awareness. The idea is to promote solutions for living in respect of the planet and other species.

Via the Etyka box our subscribers receive every month a selection of products from brands that stand for luxury and sustainable development. Cosmetics, textile, food and cultural products like books promoting positive thinking and personal growth… all that in a beautiful, luxurious box.

Our clients are women as well as men who like beautiful, elegant things. They are highly educated people who are willing to give a meaning to their purchases besides their own personal needs. Thanks to their subscriptions, we can support the Etyka Foundation whose aim it is, in partnership with L214, to protect the dignity of animals that are destined for the slaughterhouse.

3. Conscious, ethical consumption is your philosophy. Can you tell us more about that?

I became a vegetarian at the age of seven, when I realized what terrible, unworthy things are done to animals in slaughterhouses. For me, that was enough to refuse to eat animals that were part of my daily life and that I loved.

I became vegan through logic. Think about it. An example: just imagine a cow scream with desperation because she is separated from her baby, just to produce milk for humans! Then again, I am not overly focused on my own diet. I simply listen to my body and eat as much as I want, just no animal products! You know, there is a lot of choice out there, not just for “omnivores”. It’s just a question of your mental attitude.

Generally, people choose to be vegetarians or vegans for the love of animals. It is a conscious choice. As simple as that.

4. “I have a dream” – how do you see the future of Etyka, do you have any other projects, any other ideas?

I created “Etyka Agency”, a marketing consulting agency that is dedicated to brands that aim to combine luxury and sustainable development. The agency offers three services: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tools (the box, the magazine…) and Artistic Production (graphics, photos, …).

Our next challenge: the Etyka foundation. We are currently working to make it a reality. The aim is to promote projects that are actively fighting for the protection of animals. We will get to the very heart of certain projects and proactively support them…

5. I am a foodie and fan of fashion. You are as well, I guess. What is your style, your favorite accessory, something that you always carry with you?

I must admit that I find it hard to describe my style. It is probably the most typical for a professional woman. If I wanted to send a message through my style, it would be important for me to portray femininity and sustainable development. But I often say that you do not have to run around with harem pants and a jute bag to save the planet! ☺

Since I select the articles for the Etyka Box myself, I often choose new, ethical fashion brands. I love the page Shopethik where you can find many ethical brands!

Recently, I discovered a bijou: the brand Treez, whose concept is very innovative. All their materials are environmentally conscious and every purchase supports the planting of a tree, which in turn supports the cycle of biological diversity. One of their accessories is something that I always carry with me.

6. Who are the female icons that inspire you and give you the drive to push forward, to continue for the better and to change the world?

My female icons are definitely linked to my personal development. They are women who let life take its course. I have a certain person in mind. Her name is Lilou Mace. She made a successful career in London. When she was laid off, she simply listened to her heart and followed her intuition. Very inspiring!

Then there is Mélanie Laurent, who realized a great positive film with Cyril Dion. The movie – it’s actually a reportage – is called “Tomorrow” and it is about a contemporary woman who combines luxury and sustainable development, while reflecting a modern grace. I like it very much!

7. A #cooplace in Geneva: which are your two favorite bar or restaurants?

For lunch, I like the “Vert Attitude”, a restaurant in Eaux Vives. It is famous for its international cuisine and frequented by businessmen who disprove all the prejudices commonly associated with “the carnivore”.

Obviously “Ou bien encore”, the place we are right now, for its seasonal, organic products and its beautiful terrace, but also because of its hospitality.

For a drink I like to go to the Little Barrel in Eaux Vives. It is run by a young entrepreneur and offers delicious cocktails and vegetarian aperitifs.

I also love the wine bar Qu’importe in Carouge. It offers a good selection of organic wines.

8. The final question: It’s the last day of your life, last supper, what is your choice?

If it were my last day, I would go with my son to free the dairy cows and their calves from this farm close to our home!

Dive into the universe of Etyka with the video below and follow the brand on-line: Web, Facebook, Instagram

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