Travel.Eat.Love.Repeat. – Meet Tessa, our new travel editor

Posted on 10/02/2018 by Eileen Schuch
TessaBall Swissblogger Influencer Photographer Travelblogger

One thing I absolutely love about the coolbrandz experience is the fact that I can connect with so many cool people on so many different levels: entrepreneurs, startups, digital strategists, consultants, PR agencies, brand managers, other influencers, designers, beauty, food, fashion, gadget, travel bloggers… Since I started blogging my network has expanded enormously. We now count over 55’000 registered users on coolbrandz and although I do not know everyone personally, I am connected with most on a personal level; in Social Media for example.

Tessa, for one, joined our network of talents in 2014 and I have been following her ever since. Today, 3 years later, she integrates our team of blog editors and that makes me very, very happy.

Traveling is one of the passions that I share with Tessa and thus, I am delighted to announce that she will be sharing some of her travel experiences and photography here, on our channel.

Tessa is a Swiss freelance photographer, travel bug, digital nomad… currently based in Barcelona. It is this city that she will feature on our blog in the near future, before taking off to new adventures. Follow her on Instagram: and come back to the blog regularly to see more of her fabulous photography!



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