Parkhotel Margna in Sils-Baselgia near St. Moritz, Engadin

Posted on 05/08/2018 by Eileen Schuch

I have been in St. Moritz, Engadin a few times already, during winter but this was the first time for me to visit the region in summer. It may sound silly, but really I always associated St. Moritz with its picturesque mountains and fabulous skiing areas only with winter. But boy, was I wrong. It is absolutely beautiful in summer, too!

Fifty shades of green, blue and yellow meet here and the wonderful atmosphere this creates is tangible.

Without snow, the mountain slopes resemble a flower garden and that, it seemed to me, makes all the people who visit the region happy. Amazed by the view, I felt myself like Heidi, who I envied for a long time for living high up in the Alps.

We stayed at Parkhotel Margna in Sils-Baselgia, a little village right next to St. Moritz, that is surrounded by Alpine lakes and mountains. Located in the middle of this wonderful nature and in a quiet atmosphere, it is perfect for your holidays or weekend breaks all year round.

As it was built in 1817 in the Engadin Style, staying there is a bit like travelling back in time. Even if the hotel was recently renovated to correspond to today’s trends – spa, golf academy, tennis courts all modernized – the design takes into consideration the authenticity and small details that are so typical for the historic buildings in the region.

The rooms are spacious and cozy and the authentic decoration has been maintained to this date. Walking through the corridors feels a bit like walking through a museum of local history as they feature many art works. Within the walls of the hotel, you get a new feeling of respect for the many years this beautiful building has graced the grounds of Sils-Baselgia.

Everybody who knows me knows that I am not the world’s most sportive girl. Still, seen that the hotel has its own Golf Academy, I decided to give that sport a try. And, in case you were wondering: yes I loved it and will continue practicing it! Fun and outdoors, it’s perfect!

Apart from golf, you can practice many other summer activities here, Kite boarding for one! But also hiking, mountain biking and cycling, of course. And for those not seeking adrenaline but relaxation, the in-house spa provides a range of massages and beauty treatments. The facilities include a wet area with hot tub, a steam bath and a variety of showers, as well as a sauna and a sanarium.

Foodies delight! With its three restaurants featuring a wide range of traditional and modern cuisine, Parkhotel Margna offers a delicious culinary journey through space and time.

The „Grillroom“ boasts Mediterranean and classic French cuisine. Julio Domingues and his team treat their guest with the finest selection of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Personally, I would like to highlight the Shrimp Risotto; I think it is the best that I have ever eaten anywhere.

Restaurant Stüva 1817 delights gourmets with specialties that are typical for the Engadin. On the menu, you will find homemade pasta in many delicious variations. The ambience of the Engadinerstube, dating back to the year 1817, is as authentic as the food itself.

Then you have the Enoteca & Osteria Murütsch, which is an old Kutscherstube, a place where coachmen gathered for food and drink. Today, it offers wine connoisseurs and lovers of Italian cuisine delightful dishes and food and wine pairings. Over 100 different, partly unknown, Italian and Austrian wines, excellent olive oils and fine balsamic vinegars are waiting to be discovered!

A peaceful stroll through the Engadin

On the second day of our stay, after a delicious breakfast, we hit the roads – wait for it – by carriage!! That activity was organized by Parkhotel Margna and is such an original way of locomotion. If you decide to live this amazing experience, you will get to see some historical places and feel a whole array of wonderful emotions. I particularly liked a place called Sils Maria where you can find the Anne Frank wind sculpture „Sils Maria – an island of peace“ by the well-known metal sculptor, Paul Gugelmann, in commemoration of Anne Frank.

Arriving back at the hotel, there was a surprise waiting for us: Spa and Wellness, oh yesss! Relaxing like that with a view oft he amazing mountain glistening under the sunlight is quite something. I can definitely recommend it. 😉

If you value comfort, tasty food and choice of activities when on vacation, Parkhotel Margna is for you.

Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a summer vacation may put the Engadin and the Margna on your bucket list. Truly worth a visit!



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