Dream now, travel later: Five reasons to fall in love with Japan

Posted on 05/05/2021 by Melissa Van Roosbroeck

After visiting Japan for the first time in 2014, I never thought that just two years later I’d get to go back on a new five-week Asian adventure. But boy am I thrilled that I did. From the first moment I set foot on Nippon soil I fell in love with the boundless hospitality and kindness of the Japanese people – they truly are the sweetest and gentlest souls I have ever met – and every day I just keep finding new reasons to fall in love with the land of the rising sun.

Temples, shrines and castles… everywhere!

From the moment you step outside in Japan it’s only a matter of time until you stumble on a Buddhist temple, run into a Shinto shrine or see an enormous Japanese castle rising up at the horizon. History, architecture and religion are truly everywhere in Japan, with Kyoto being the biggest historical hot spot of them all. But even in big modern cities like Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya you can easily get your inner balance back at one of the beautiful zen gardens, pay your respects to the gods at the many colorful shrines and temples or explore all the nooks and crannies of a magnificent Japanese castle.

Food… everywhere!

You wouldn’t guess by looking at their slim physiques, but boy, do the Japanese love their food! Craving some fresh sushi, a plate of colourful sea food or some crispy tempura? Fancy a bowl of vegetable noodles, some aromatic fried rice or a nice spicy curry? No problem, because in Japan you find food stands, eating houses and restaurants that serve the most amazing high-quality food virtually everywhere you go.

Beauty… everywhere!

Japanese women are among the most beautiful women in the world and they are often envied for their flawless faces, ageless skin and delicate doll-like features. Some say perfection is just an illusion, but in Japan you can get pretty damn close to absolute flawlessness thanks to the abundance of Japanese beauty shops carrying both affordable drugstore brands and high-end cosmetics.

Fashion… everywhere!

With Tokyo being one of the most important fashion capitals in the world, it is no surprise that the Japanese are big on fashion. But even outside of old Edo, fashion is omnipresent in Japan. With countless shops, popular fashion chains and multi-story department stores to discover, this place is truly fashionista heaven. Whether you like to keep it sweet and innocent, prefer a more classy and sophisticated look or want to bring out your inner sex kitten, Japanese fashion tailors to any style.

New experiences… everywhere!

Japan is the perfect place to push your limits and gather new experiences, whether it’s by celebrating the beginning of the sakura season, tasting Osaka’s finest cuisine in the buzzing Dōtonbori area or hitting the arcades in Tokyo’s famous Electric Town of Akihabara. Or how about visiting an onsen for the first time, taking part in a traditional tea ceremony or seeing a real-life geisha in the streets of Gion? If you are looking to broaden your horizons and experience new things Japan is definitely the place to do it.

Just recently, our friend Andreas Lugmayr brought a cool beverage brand from Japan to Austria: Kimino, a range of sodas that are produced by a small collective of Japanese family farmers and craft drink producers. They wish to deliver the authentic, traditional taste of Japan. The idea is to create very simple, transparent and healthier drinks that can be enjoyed every day. Using the highest technical standards, Kimino follows the “Kanso” philosophy: they only use what is truly necessary. It is a healthier and more wholesome approach to crafting beverages.

Andreas started to import Kimino Yuzu and Ume Sparkling Juice as fillers for his curated spirit portfolio. The brand was welcomed by bar and restaurant owners as well as consumers with enthusiasm. Therefore, Andi decided to enlarge the family Kimino Sparkling drinks by two more flavours – Mikan and Ringo – and, in addition to the Sparkling Juices – propose the lightly flavoured, low calorie Kimino Sparkling Waters, too.




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  2. What an absolutely terrific review of your Japan trip, Melissa! I like that you were able to include the photo format into a slide show. Keep up the great work and writing always! 🙂

  3. What an outstanding article and adventure! I felt like I was literally “there” while reading your picture perfect descriptions! I want to pack my bags ASAP!

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