Grand Prix Edelweiss de la Cosmétique 2012: We checked it out for you!

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prix Edelweiss

Felipe, our beauty blogger and Co-founder of cocooning and beauty institute « Un Style de Vie » at Pully, has been at the event for you and brought back some insights. He feels that change is coming up! So, Felipe, how has it been to mingle with the beauty professionals?

Evening of Wednesday 23rd November lakeside Geneva at the sumptuous Hotel Richemond:  9th edition of the Grand Prix Edelweiss de la Cosmétique, rendezvous imperative for Swiss beauty professionals! I am delighted to be here but have no major changes or surprises to signal compared to the previous years. Neither the venue nor the product categories have altered. Like always, the ambience was pleasant, without frills and very intimate, oscillating somewhat between relaxed and rigorous. This voluptuous lounge atmosphere allowed all guests to feel at ease, to mingle and to exchange while enjoying a truly exceptional evening.

But the Grand Prix Edelweiss de la Cosmétique is not only one of the most prestigious parties, it is first and foremost an occasion for brands to measure the quality of their offer and the success of their product launches by submitting them to a jury of beauty professionals and representatives of different sectors of activity which is selecting the best amongst them in each category. The laureates are then submitted to a second jury which is composed not only of beauty professionals but also of readers of Edelweiss magazine. The aim is to retain only one of each category, general public and selective, and to honour it with the much sought after Prix des Lectrices Edelweiss.

This year the winner is Lancôme with its Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift, a highly efficient eye care duo consisting of: 1. a rejuvenating cream of velvety smooth texture that lifts the skin instantaneously letting disappear signs of fatigue and, 2. a Brightening Eye Care, a sort of tinted compact powder in a universal shade placed in the lid of the former, resembling at a case with a mirror to facilitate its application.  It acts in synergy with the rejuvenating eye cream visibly reducing dark circles and illuminating the eye area. Ingenious and complete, the Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift is a huge success for Lancôme who seem to be having a very prosperous year 2013 ahead of them.

The most emblematic moment of the evening was without a doubt the award for the best face care product for women in the category « general public » and the following speech. Winner in this category is L’Oréal’s Youth Code Serum. Like the name suggests it is a serum and as such rather rare amongst the care products that can be found in the big retail stores. L’Oréal Paris has thus fully achieved its objective to offer an efficient and easy to use serum to the largest public possible at an affordable prize.

Winner in the category controlled natural cosmetics is the Arise, Swiss Alpine Cosmetic with its Body Peeling containing edelweiss and bamboo silica particles. Of very agreeable light texture and a velvety finish on the skin, this peeling cleanses particularly gentle and deep. It is suited for even the most sensitive skin types and, with its discrete scent and the handy packaging in form of a tube, seduces women and men alike.

Okay, I have started this article by saying that not a lot has changed since last year, but perhaps that was a little hasty…. Indeed, when reading the full list of winners  some of you will, like me, probably be surprised to see that the big brands whose names are for generations synonymous with ultimate luxury are a little less numerous than last year. Particularly Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent and Guerlain are missing on the list!

So, even when I said that nothing has changed, something is definitely changing… Wednesday evening, in this familiar and soothing atmosphere, I thought that the long awaited democratisation of luxury, the ever improving quality of the products destined for the so called mass market as well as the conscience regarding origin and fabrication of the products that we are using are indicators for the fact that change is in the air…. slowly, not necessarily visible because somewhat underground.

That change is lingering is also underlined by the chief editor of Edelweiss magazine, Laurence Desbordes, announcing many surprises and novelties for the next edition: the categories, the jury, the methods of preselection and the choice of products will certainly be reviewed in order to correspond the closest possible with the newest trends and technologies in terms of communication. When I told you things are changing…..

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The Grand Prix Edelweiss de la Cosmétique 2012 awards prizes in 20 categories for new cosmetics that have been launched on the Swiss market between 1st of November 2010 and 31st October 2011. This year, the jury of 10 beauty professionals has preselected 104 amongst about 600 novelties. In autumn another jury of 12 experts, amongst others Laurence Desbordes, chief editor and Anaïs Thévoz, beauty editor with Edelweiss magazine, and 5 selected readers have tested the products.

Felipe co-owns the cosy beauty and cocooning institute “Un Style de Vie”, Av. Samson-Reymondin 9, CH-1009 Pully. To check it out visit: To contact Felipe call 021 711 37 85 or send an e-mail to


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