Hotel Palace Luzern: 5 star Swiss Luxury for gourmets and spa lovers

Posted on 24/03/2019 by Tessa Ball
Palace Luzern Hotel

The Palace Luzern is a five star superior hotel. Opened in 1906, this charming hotel is full of history and sits directly on the shores of beautiful Lake Lucern. Its prime location ensures stunning views of the famous Central Swiss Alps.

With time the hotel has adapted to the needs of the modern world, renovating its looks in order to accommodate all sort of tastes and characters. All rooms are a perfect combination of classical and contemporary style. You won’t be disappointed. In every detail, the Palace Hotel cherishes Swiss traditions and holds them up to very high standards.

Lucern is a city with a lovely “village feeling” and at the Palace Hotel you can sense the care and warmth of people. From the beginning till the end, I felt like being at home away from home and that’s exactly what I needed. In the past year I’ve been moving so often, literally living out of my luggage. It’s great but also tiring. The longer the more I m starting to miss that homey-cozy ambience that you hardly find in hotels; therefore, I deeply enjoyed and fully appreciated my stay at the Palace. I finally got to relax and unwind the way you can only do when you feel at ease.

The Hotel’s Spa excels in massages and exclusive treatments; in addition, they also offer a relaxation room, sauna, steam room, aroma shower and ice fountain. For the sporty people, there is also a Fitness room. The Spa’s focal point is the 72 square meters Private Spa for two. I got the opportunity to take a sneak peak and I can tell you, it looks awesome! The perfect romantic getaway for all who want a combination of gorgeous views, privacy and luxurious comfort. The room has its own sauna, steam room, petal pool, relaxing chairs and treatment tables. A real gem!

One of the Palace’s incredible treasures is their giant singing bowl. I was so intrigued by it, I had never heard of such thing before and was very much looking forward to experiment it! This unique vibrational ceremony treatment, will allow you to let go off all tensions and anxieties. It’s a heavenly experience and absolute must try. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to explore this new dimension of relaxation.

After a perfect day at the Spa, dinner was next. As a vegetarian, “dinner out” is not always as exciting as for the meat and fish lovers. Often I have little to no choice in the menu but not at the Marlin Restaurant! Famous for their delicious fish and seafood dishes; they offered to prepare me a 3 course, vegetarian dinner. I wish I could always eat such exquisite food! A savoured every single bite of all the divine courses they cooked for me. Such a treat!

The morning after, breakfast was just as tasty as dinner and sadly, in a flash, the weekend was gone. I left the Palace Hotel totally restored, genuinely happy and deeply satisfied. It’s really true that it’s the little things that matter the most in life. A hand written welcome note, an honest smile, tiny sweet surprises, … We often underestimate the value of small gestures and personal touch and that’s what the Palace Hotel is all about. Making your stay unforgettable!



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