Be Again: finding happiness in Ibiza

Posted on 12/08/2018 by Eileen Schuch
Ibiza Be Again Retreat Beach Picnic

Those of you who follow me in Social Media will have seen that I went to Ibiza twice this summer: one to experience a new culinary concept – HEART Ibiza and the “party side” of the island. And once to explore “the other side”, the one that calls for introspection, self-reflection and deceleration. Who am I, what is important to me, where am I going… Back to Ibiza as soon as I can, THAT I can tell you now!

I absolutely love the island, both sides of it, actually. But the second time I went was very, very special. After a longer period of traveling for events I was feeling all buzzed up. Perfect timing for a retreat of this kind – coming down, calming down, being myself again, simply…be again.

We created so many wonderful memories during this week. So many impressions I would like to share with you. And so many cool people I must absolutely introduce to you. Only one article about my time in Ibiza just will not do. Therefore, I will keep this one rather short and then post a series of articles that will go into more detail.

Be Again: a Lifestyle Retreat Concept 

In a nutshell: Be Again is a fantastic concept by Swiss entrepreneur Avieta Zgraggen. During one week, you stay at a beautiful finca. The aim being to allow you to “reconnect with your ambitions, passions and life goals” while exploring different facets of Ibiza and meeting inspiring locals.

Ibiza Be Again Retreat Villa Can Tunio

And what a program Avieta created for us! Highest priority though: time for yourself. Although the planning proposes a lot of activities, guests are totally free to participate in them or not. You can tailor your Be Again experience entirely to your own rhythm and needs.

Just to give you an idea of the multitude of activities proposed, here an excerpt: morning yoga, grounding session, massages, kayaking into the sunset, picnic by the beach, medical workshop with Max, our Private Chef, meeting with Belinda, the Mid Life Coach, natural cosmetics workshop, visit of Andrea, the “Marmalade Lady”, visit of Las Dalias Night Market, coffee workshop at Meke, visit of Ibosim, the local craft beer brewery… the lot entwined with extensive beach and pool sessions, delicious meals and lots of spare time. One week during which you can truly relax, soak up the Ibiza sun and fill your heart with joy.

Be Again Ibiza Retreat: more than a vacation

It is not (just) a vacation. It is an experience that is rather hands-on, engaging of all the senses and that makes you realize that there is life beyond the rat race. That, in fact, life is outside: in the beautiful nature that surrounds us; in every flower, every tree and every sunbeam that reverberates the vibrations of Mother Earth; in every person you meet, every smile you receive and every meal you enjoy…

When you come back from the Be Again retreat, you really wonder why you would want to live any other way than in accordance with what makes you happy. And as far as I am concerned, it is the little things: good food, healthy living, and time… time for myself and time for the people I love.

So yes, coming back from Ibiza, I feel transformed. Not that I was unhappy before, I just realized that with less of the unnecessary, there is more time for the essential: my wellbeing and happiness. A notion that was reinforced by the encounters with the many inspiring people Avieta introduced us to. Without exception, all living proof that following your heart and living your passions is not only possible but also the way to inner peace.

Coming up: portraits of Avieta and her role as Chief Happiness Officer, Max, the Ninja Chef, Toby from Walking Ibiza…

Some practical information: the next Be Again Weeks are planned for October. You can find all the information on From Switzerland you can get very easily to Ibiza with Edelweiss Air from Zurich and with Etihad Regional from Geneva. Both propose very accessible rates.

I am seriously considering returning to Ibiza as soon and as much as I can. How about you? Have you already been there? What is your experience? Maybe you have tips you want to share… just leave a comment below. I am always happy to exchange with you!



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