Maserati: new showroom in Geneva and Levante test drive

Posted on 12/09/2021 by Nicole Richmond
Maserati Geneve New Showroom Caravenue Levante

Maserati announced the appointment of the new CAR Avenue dealership in Geneva on August 31, 2021 and we were invited to come to the showroom, meet the team and take the Maserati Levante for a test drive.

Of course I jumped at the invitation from Maserati to their newly opened showroom in Geneva. How could I miss a chance to live out my Desperate Housewife dreams – well one of them at least? While the exact car that, Gabrielle Solis, the character made famous by Eva Longoria is no longer in production. I had the opportunity to test the sublime Levante; Maserati’s mid-size luxury SUV which has been updated for 2022.



When I entered the minimal but well-appointed showroom, the cars take center stage. The gorgeous Levante was in the place of honor for all the world to see. This car is sexy. It just exudes style – from the iconic trident emblem right down to the smooth lines and curves of the body. What can I say, the Italians know a thing or two about style. You can even opt for ultra-posh leather-and-silk upholstery designed by no other than fashion impresario Ermenegildo Zegna­!



After signing all the necessary documents to ensure that I would in fact bring this beautiful car back, I was given a rather weighty key and allowed behind the wheel. I was not disappointed. The Levante is beautiful inside and out with all the finishing you would expect from a boutique luxury car brand. The center of the dashboard is home to the ample touch screen better known as the infotainment center where you can control most of the car’s functions.

However, one of my favorite amenities were the cavernous like cup holders. They seemed to go on forever, I went to place the key inside and was surprised: my hand nearly disappeared. Something so simple yet significant. No more worrying about spilling your fancy latte or stashing your favorite water bottle while you are wheeling about town.



With one touch of a button, I called to life all the 330 horsepower hidden under the hood, and it was music to my ears. The Levante has some get-up-and-go. It can hit 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. I was all too happy to drive a bit out of the city so I could put the pedal to the metal and kick up some dust. The car handles like a dream, it easily navigated the stop and go traffic that Geneva is infamous for, and it was a pure delight to drive once I only had the open road before me.

Maserati’s Levante is the perfect mix of elegance, style, and performance. Perfect for a road trip with your besties or pulling soccer mom duty… there is room for everyone! You know what they say: girls just want to have fun. And trust me, in the Levante you will not only have fun – even while running the most mundane of errands. You will look fabulous while doing it!



About the new Maserati Showroom in Geneva

After a few months of renovation and redevelopment of the building that is located right in the heart of Geneva, Maserati, in collaboration with its new partner CAR Avenue, opened a further location in Switzerland. Situated at 50 Boulevard des Tranchées, the new showroom and workshop invite Maserati lovers to come and discover the range of models. With the workshop located on the same site, clients in Geneva and surroundings will have their wishes fulfilled. Maserati and CAR Avenue are looking to receive their clients in these premises and offer them the highest quality of service.

Guido Giovannelli, Director of Maserati’s Emerging Markets, Europe and Asia (EMEA) Region, says: “We are delighted to welcome our new partner CAR Avenue to the Maserati family. Working with the right partner in a city as strategic as Geneva is the key to our success in the market. As the expectations of luxury customers change dramatically, Maserati is entering a new era, a period of significant change with new products, innovations and groundbreaking projects. Both companies are committed to providing Geneva with the highest level of customer service.”

Stéphane Bailly, president of the CAR Avenue group, confides: “We are honored to join the Maserati network at such an important time for the brand. CAR Avenue, a century-old family business that develops its activities in the heart of Europe, shares with Maserati the passion for cars, know-how and excellence in customer relations.”


CAR Avenue Showroom Maserati


Maserati can look back on more than 100 years of history in which the company has moved the world with its exceptional performance and products. It has become one of the most coveted automotive brands worldwide.

In addition to the development and production of its own engine for the MC20 supercar, the company is pursuing the strategy of electrification of its models.

As the newest member of the Maserati family, CAR Avenue shares the values ​​that characterize the brand with the Trident: innovation, unique design and passion.

The new location showcases the latest Maserati models, from the Levante Hybrid and Ghibli Hybrid to the Trofeo collection, which brings together the brand’s most powerful models. After the Ghibli Hybrid, the Levante Hybrid is the second phase of Maserati’s electrification strategy, which continues the company’s success story.

The aim of the hybrid version of the Ghibli and Levante models is to improve performance by saving fuel. This is Maserati’s approach to hybrid propulsion, an approach true to the manufacturer’s DNA.

The hallmark of every Maserati remains the sound of its engine. The whole Trofeo collection is also distinguished by the red details on the side air vents and the lightning bolt on the Trident badge of the C-pillars. It will now be even more recognizable thanks to the special stylistic touches that characterize these high-performance models. They also include the front grille with two vertical bars in Black Piano finish and the introduction of carbon fiber to the front air intakes and rear extractor trims, for an even more aggressive effect.


Maserati Geneve New Showroom Caravenue Maserati Trofeo


The brand with the Trident officially ushered in a new era with the MC20 supercar. Developed by the Maserati Innovation Lab and built in the historic factory in Modena, the MC20 is 100% “Made in Italy” and marks the brand’s return to the supercar segment. Its refined exterior design hides an uncompromising sporting soul, the new Nettuno 630 horsepower V6 engine accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 2.88 seconds and reaching a top speed of over 326 km / h . The patented engine was designed, developed, and built entirely by Maserati and uses pre-chamber technology derived from Formula 1 engines.


Maserati MC20 - the First of its Kind


To complete the model range, visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the popular Quattroporte on site. The icon of Italian elegance impresses not only with its timeless design, but also with the choice of different engine variants – depending on customer preference.

The new location will become the meeting point for all Maserati enthusiasts in the Geneva region. Whether it’s a new car, service, or other demands, Maserati and CAR Avenue will surely meet their clients’ expectations.

Contact Maserati Geneva: Web, Dealer Page, Instagram, Facebook, Map, +41 22 909 88 89, (c) Agostina Schenone, Maserati



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