Mood store Barcelona. Come in and #CreateYourMood!

Posted on 30/01/2019 by Eileen Schuch
mood ring mood store barcelona

You know that I am a big fan of mood. Fresh and fun, they are always up to something. It is legitimate to ask: What is their next stunt? A new mood store, maybe?

Having already won the hearts of French-speaking Switzerland, the customizable jewel has now set off to conquer the capital of Catalonia! A bold move? A sure-fire success? It will almost certainly be an explosive mixture of the two, but in any case I am happy to inform you of the opening of a new mood store in Barcelona.

Something has piqued the interest of the mood team. The mood store in Orbe has just celebrated its first anniversary, the Martigny store is a few months old and now the label is about to conquer Barcelona! But why this city? It’s easy to see why the Catalan capital reflects the mood ethos perfectly. After all, it is a hustling bustling #coolplace, a city that loves and lives the good life, a metropolis that never sleeps.

You may know that mood is a special kind of jewelry. Completely customizable, it adapts to your every mood and lets you express your personality by the materials, themes and colors you choose. The kind of fun that Gaudi used to love. In the same playful spirit that fired the inspired architect, the icon of Catalan modernism who put his own unique stamp on the city, mood represents the avant-garde in jewelry. It is more than just a ring; it’s a state of mind, a bid for freedom, a concept that is bound charm the Catalans.

The venue

Located in the old working-class neighborhood of Sant Pere/Santa Caterina, the mood store revels in the Bohemian atmosphere of this attractive area. Artists, craftsmen and -women and designers work happily alongside each another here all day long. It’s an authentic neighborhood where it’s not uncommon to see café regulars across town trying to put the world to rights over a cup of coffee until the early hours of the morning. The store is just a stone’s throw from the Picasso museum in the charming little medieval-style alleyway of the Passeig del Born. The store boasts a 60m2 selling space, echoing all the features of the first two mood stores, including a minimalist, no-frills decor, while reflecting the local, authentic style of the area.

The collections

To celebrate the brand’s arrival in Catalan territory in fitting style, mood is launching a special Barcelona collection. The company will also be showcasing its special “Swiss” rings following the example of or the Poya collection, in order to strengthen the image of “Swiss made” goods in the new market. For obvious reasons of logistics, not all of the rings will be available immediately at the new retail outlet, but fans will be able to find the brand’s leading products, notably the blingy, colorful collections, alongside the precious wood, carbon fiber or full carbon models. Catalan hipsters and hipsteresses are bound to find something to their taste.

Other than in retail, you can find all the available models in the eStore. Simply go to and follow mood online to stay informed!

Also, we are currently recruiting influencers to work with mood in 2017. If you are a Barcelona based blogger, this is a wonderful opportunity for you! Subscribe right here >>>

I wish our friends from mood much success in this new endeavor. Go, go, go!

Teaser video: mood store Barcelona, opening December 2016,



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