#NespressoGourmet: meeting Sascha Berther at Moospinte

Posted on 09/01/2018 by Katia Godts

New York, Paris and London have their Fashion Weeks. In Switzerland, Nespresso celebrates Haute Cuisine at the occasion of its Gourmet Weeks. The “designers”, 16 elite chefs, are all rising stars in Swiss gastronomy. They present their collection of exclusive culinary creations with Nespresso Grands Crus.

NespressoGourmet-Moospinte-TableNespresso Gourmet Weeks offer a magnificent opportunity to discover Swiss top gourmet restaurants at the affordable price of 70 CHF for lunch and 120 CHF for dinner. This special offer is available until 15 November 2015 only! So don’t wait, take this opportunity to be a part of it and dive into a world of pleasure. Reserve a table NOW!

Eileen from coolbrandz, invited me for a front row seat at the Moospinte, where I was delighted by their perfectly balanced creations and the wonderful homely setting. Moospinte, a house with a history that goes back to 1840, is situated in the beautiful green countryside surrounding Bern and has been awarded 16 Gault Millau points and 1 Michelin star.

Restaurant Moospinte in Münchenbuchsee, near Bern

Chef Sascha Berther and his wife Stefanie run this fine establishment and welcome you as if you were invited to their home for a private dinner party. The atmosphere is warm, intimate and friendly.

Each dish was subtly balanced with one of Nespresso’s Grand Crus and accompanied by an excellent glass of wine, for which the origins were explained by our charming host Stephanie.

NespressoGourmet-SaschaBerther-KitchenDuring the course of the evening, chef Sascha Berther invited us into his kitchen where we witnessed how the precision of each gesture contributes to the creation of delicious and beautifully presented dishes. I was impressed with his respect for each ingredient, his zen-attitude and his passion to please his guests.

Star Chef Sascha Berther’s Nespresso Gourmet Creations

Our Nespresso Gourmet culinary journey started with a divine mousse de foie gras topped off with a dark chocolate crust, a touch of orange and a wafer-thin gingerbread cracker.

The next course, a deliciously fresh tuna maki with avocado, carrot flakes, carefully selected greens and notes of Lungo Vivalto, was a true delight to the palate and a real piece of art.

Over the next courses, our taste buds continued to be tantalised with: exquisite Noix de St. Jacques, served with pumpkin, Pancetta and Dulsao do Brasil, king oyster mushroom ravioli with cauliflower and Kazaar, and a sumptuous Arpeggio marinated Riebel Poularde (corn-fed), on sweet corn and onion.

The star piece of desert was a white chocolate mousse with crunchy coffee shreds, accompanied by a chocolate sorbet, caramelito and fresh mango cubes. To finish this journey in style, Moospinte surprises its guest with a selection of divine homemade bite-size sweets to be enjoyed with your choice of Nespresso superior Grands Crus.

I’ve had a most extraordinary experience at Moospinte, enjoying exquisite culinary delights in a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. Sascha Berther, his wife Stefanie and their team make up this perfect combination.

Thank you so much Eileen, for inviting me and for allowing me to discover this wonderful restaurant.


















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