The 7 Cutest Pet-Friendly Vacation Cities

Posted on 17/04/2019 by Zack Davisson
Pet Friendly Travel The 7 Cutest Pet Friendly Vacation Cities

The saddest part of vacation isn’t when it ends. The worst part of vacation is when your dog sees your suitcase and knows you are leaving. Cue the puppy dog eyes and guilty feelings. So why not pack your pooch’s bags too and bring them along? Besides, pets need a break too. Our friends at AllTheRooms have given us their picks for the best pet-friendly cities and experiences.

Los Angeles Pampering

The affluent Beverly Hills neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California is home to potentially the most luxurious hotel experience for a four-legged friend. The Peninsula Beverly Hills welcomes guest pooches with personalized towels and plush doggy beds. They also have a room-service menu for your companion with appropriately-named burgers and steaks. For some quality time together, make sure to share an in-room massage — yes, they offer 45-minute canine massages.

Pet Friendly Travel Los Angeles Pampering


Colorado Mountain Adventure

The United States’ Rocky Mountains is an outdoor playground for travellers and their furry friends. Many mountain ski villages here are happy to accept dogs, as well as hotels, restaurants, and on the mountains themselves. Consider a trip to Telluride, as grand a natural cathedral as anywhere in the world. Taking a picture or selfie with your dog while riding the gondola that transports people high above the valley below is sure to be a lasting and cute memory. And while cities like Houston are making a name for themselves as capitals of pet-friendly restaurants, Colorado’s mountain towns and cities are usually ready with a bowl of water for canine patrons.

Pet Friendly Travel Colorado Mountain Adventure


Seattle’s Outdoors

The Emerald City, tucked away in the corner of the United States’ Pacific Northwest region is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world. Seattle boasts 14 off-leash parks throughout the city, meaning dogs can run free with a few new friends without worry. Seattle is also a great jumping off point for many adventures in nature. The city is home to four large, wooded parks but nearby places like Mount Rainier National Park and Snoqualmie are also great places to venture to. Oh, and did we mention that dogs in Seattle are allowed to ride the bus? Climb aboard and head over to Pikes Place Market for another memorable Kodak moment. Just be sure not to wander into one of Seattle’s many cat cafes with your mutt.

Pet Friendly Travel Seattles Outdoors


Roman Holiday

Clearly a trip for the more refined pet, Rome has many fun, cute opportunities to spoil your better half (the one with a tail). Be sure to begin treatment at La Domus Aventina, a dog spa, where Dalmatians and Pekinese alike can get a massage, their fur shampooed, and even be given a full blow-out. Fabulous. The hotel Rome Cavalieri is a good place to stay, as the bar at its Tiepolo Lounge and Terrace is four-legged friendly and dog walkers will take your friend for a jaunt around their 15-acres of parkland. While in Italy, why not swing over to Florence, or even Venice, and take your dog or cat for a romantic ride in a gondola boat.

Pet Friendly Travel Roman Holiday


Bonding Time in Paris

Why not go to “The City of Love” with the most affectionate and unconditionally loving creature in your life? It sure is a satisfying feeling sitting and looking at one of Paris’s stunning landmarks, like the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, while sneaking your dog pieces of baguette. Also, the French are known to be incredibly welcoming toward dogs, probably more so than to humans. One Telegraph article described that “even the most palatial chateaux will be happy to welcome your dog.”

Pet Friendly Travel Bonding Time in Paris


Make a Splash in Vancouver

Canada might be home to the friendliest people in the world. And unsurprisingly, their hospitality extends to the canine type. The culture capital of Canada’s West Coast is Vancouver and the city makes a name for itself in the pet-owning community, being home to a pet-friendly ski resort as well as eight dog-friendly beaches. Watching your pal take off running to the water, with a smile, to retrieve one of the many sticks littering Vancouver’s beaches will be well worth the trip.

Pet Friendly Travel Make a Splash in Vancouver


Japan with a Certain Mouse

Japan is home to Tokyo Disneyland, one of Asia’s biggest amusement parks and, of course, some beloved characters. For those eager to visit the famous attraction, you’re in luck — you can bring your pet along! While riding the roller coasters and experiencing the happiest place on Earth, pets can have their own Disney experience at the Pet Club; just be sure to get your pet some Mickey Mouse ears for a souvenir. Outside of the park, many of Japan’s walking malls and parks welcome pets.

Pet Friendly Travel Japan with a Certain Mouse By Disney Parks



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