Reasons to celebrate: SMITH AND DE LUMA, winner Best of Swiss Gastro, category TREND

Posted on 09/11/2018 by Eileen Schuch
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SMITH AND DE LUMA combines the BEST of two worlds. The long-standing wine competence of SMITH & SMITH and the passion for the best meat from LUMA. A level of excellence that was recently awarded with first rank in the category TREND at the annual public voting Best of Swiss Gastro.

Is it a restaurant? Is it a steakhouse? Sure is, it is the hotspot where connoisseurs and foodies meet in the most relaxed atmosphere to treat themselves to wine and meat at the highest level. #letssteakit is the reigning credo here, and by using this hashtag, gourmets can become part of the tribe!

Anglo-Saxon, carnivorous, fresh and homemade, this is how the team from SMITH AND DE LUMA describes their food. And there is no space for debate: vegetarians are also welcome!

The menu is comprised of everything you meat lovers out there like, and new dishes, including meatless variations are integrated regularly.

Located in the trendy Binz district Zurich-Wiedikon, SMITH AND DE LUMA is a place for creativity and passion, the perfect hangout for the urban foodie looking for authentic tastes, refinement in preparation and exquisite wines.

On the lunch menu, you can find succulent soups, salads, steaks and meat dishes as well as delicious desserts like: Sweet Potato Soup or Nüssli salad to start with, LUMA Beef Burger, Entrecote or LUMA Morucha Rib Roast as a main, Sides of fries, salads, spinach… sauces of all kinds, Chocolate Mousse or cheese to finish off. In the evening, choose from Beef Fillet Carne Cruda, Autumn Truffle, Smoked Salmon, Lambs Leaf, Australian Black Angus Entrecôte or Tenderloin,

Pork Cutlet Spanish Rump, Veal Flank, LUMA Morucha Rib Roast, Japanese KOBE Ribeye A4+, US Tomahawk 1.1kg… I know, I know!

Now, about the wine: here, you can enjoy the THE STRONG ROOM EDITION, a comprehensive collection of the finest and most prestigious wines selected by The .75 Club and Smith and Fine Wines. They are exclusively served at SMITH and de LUMA. The Strong Room Edition comprises 814 wines from 10 different countries. Ranging from the most expensive Château Lafite Rotschild (Pauillac) 2008 for CHF 4’250 (liter bottle.), via Château Pétrus 1970 from Pomerol for CHF 3’300 (most expensive 0.75l bottle), Commondor 2011 – with 9l the biggest bottle (it comes from Austria, produced by Hans & Anita Nittnaus from Burgenland) – for CHF1’390, to the most expensive Swiss wine in the selection: 6 liter bottle Christian Obrecht, Monolith 2010 for CHF2’100. All in all, there are 23 100point wines on the list, mostly from Bordeaux, Rhône and Napa Valley, the oldest bottle being 68 years old, a Château Montrose 1949.

I guess all of the above provides enough arguments for you fine gourmets and wine lovers to check this restaurant out! Address: SMITH AND DE LUMA, Grubenstrasse 27, 8045 Zurich, T: +41 77 411 31 22, E:, Open for lunch: Monday – Friday, 11:30 – 14:00, Open for dinner: Monday – Saturday, from 18:00. It is highly recommended to make a reservation >>> There is also ample space to hold private events. All the info here >>> After all the writing, here some mouthwatering proof of evidence. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Best of Swiss Gastro, Smith and de Luma (via Instagram), Joe Sciatica



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