Tiffany Hotel a chic boutique hotel in the heart of Geneva

Posted on 15/08/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Located in the heart of Geneva, Hotel Tiffany is a chic brasserie and intimate boutique hotel nestled in the charming neighbourhood known as “Quartier des Bains”, famed for its art galleries and cool vibe.

Housed in a 19th century building, Tiffany Hotel combines the timeless elegance of Art Nouveau style with a modern and contemporary twist, creating a cosy, relaxing and beautiful setting for business or pleasure. Whilst sills and wrought iron embellish its façades, the interior of this 4 star hotel is distinguished by a combination of magnificent materials and Belle Epoque details, making it quite simply a very beautiful and cosy place that is ideal for relaxing.

Renovations in 2012 have not only added to its Belle Époque charm but provide guests with exclusive access to the state of the art wellness centre, library and bar all whilst enjoying a modern and fresh take on Art Nouveau elegance. With the addition of the adjacent building, connected by a courtyard, the 19 new rooms, including two junior suites, offer modern technology in a refined and elegant setting. Be it for a holiday or for business, Hotel Tiffany has it all; bright and beaming light filtering gently through the glass windows of the atrium, a cosy and intimate library that can be transformed into a high-tech meeting room, relaxing and revitalizing in the new state of the art spa and wellness centre, or cosy and delicious in the bar with its à la carte wine selection…

Tiffany Hotel is also home to a chic brasserie, the Tiffany Restaurant, with its creative, fresh menu and lively atmosphere; it’s a favourite amongst guests and locals alike.

Recognizing the signature style of Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet, the creators of this exquisite space and two interior designers who reproduce the comfort of a private home wherever they pass: mellow, elegant and easy to live in. Dragonflies dance on the chandeliers created from elaborate materials. The choices are refined, the taste is distinguished.

Being the proprietor of a small selection of private hotels, each famed for their unique character, Anne-Marie Morrongiello has also contracted the two designers to work on her EastWest hotel in Geneva and “Les Jardins de la Villa” in Paris.

Address: Hotel Tiffany Street in the Arquebuse 20, 1204 Geneva.



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