Toast under the chandeliers of the Hotel Bristol in Warsaw

Posted on 01/01/2018 by Eileen Schuch

Looking for inspiration for your next vacation? Here’s a tip: Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is home of one of the most legendary institutions of the country. Famous for its historical heritage, stunning for its green shelters and excellently positioned in the heart of the bubbling cultural scene, the Hotel Bristol Warsaw has been rewarded with 5 diamond stars and is on the Gold List of the Conde Nast Traveller magazine. In short: when in Warsaw visiting the Bristol is a must!

We have been there – and would like to take you on a journey to the land of Belvedere, where Vodka is treated like a royal elixir, enjoyed in an oasis of a thousand lights. For a luxury drink, nothing less than a majestic place will do. Noblesse oblige. Let’s go to Trakcie Królewskik, THE fashionable street of Warsaw.

hotel-bristol-warsaw-restaurant-marconiThis Hotel of an unrivalled beauty lies right in the heart of the capital, offering 168 rooms and 38 suites – Art Deco masterpieces of stunning elegance, ready to embrace travellers in sumptuous comfort. Feel a bit weak around the stomach? Let’s take a break to have our stomach filled. The offer is vast: If you are looking for a culinary experience without equal, the exquisite Marconi Restaurant is the place to go. Café Bristol is a Viennese style coffee shop that combines tradition and cosmopolitan flair. It offers light meals, sophisticated desserts (try the layer cake with raspberries) and an ubiquitous aroma of delicious coffee, a heaven for our taste buds!

Belvedere martiniFor the welcome reception of Belvedere’s press tour, the Bristol came up with a Margarita Session for aperitifs, and, after a beautiful evening meal, crowned the day by a tasting on the terrace, where we enjoyed Belvedere, the first luxury vodka worldwide, pure or in cocktails. Have we whetted your appetite? Turn towards the Column Bar! This unique place with its ornamental magnitude is simply breathtaking – and offers an intimate atmosphere that is ideal for enjoying Belvedere to the last drop. Or chose the Bristol Wine Bar as your starting point for an abundant night of discoveries. It unfolds as the epitome of the contemporary hotel that houses it. Its terraces offer stunning views of the Royal Route – you are right in the vibrant heart of the city!

History of the Hotel

This charming hotel certainly has not always lived happy days. Throughout its existence, the Bristol was subjected to a number of conflicts. Back in 1901, on November 19, this luxury retreat had its great opening. On the site of the Tarnowski Palace, a company decided to build a new palace with neo-Renaissance features. Following the independence of Poland in 1919, Prime Minister Paderewski held the first meeting of his government within the four walls of the Bristol. But its importance does not stop there. At the time of the Nazi invasion in 1939, the hotel became the headquarters of the Chief of the Warsaw district. Surrounded by rubble, miraculously, it came out nearly unscathed by all the atrocities.

After the war, in 1945, the hotel got a makeover. In 1947, it became nationalized and therefore fell into the hands of the state. In 1952, the national travel agency State Orbis seized its potential to receive foreign guests exclusively. In 1977, considered old-fashioned, the establishment was donated to the University of Warsaw, to serve as a library. Then, in 1981 it closed its doors, waiting dormant for the decline of the Communist state. The fall of Communism in 1989 makes a glorious resurrection possible: From 1991 to 1993, the hotel is redone into a beautiful restaurant, with the interior in the style of 1901. Finally, April 17, 1993, the establishment reopens its doors and is inaugurated in the presence of Margaret Thatcher. In the same year – what a nice coincidence – Belvedere Vodka is born, too: The golden rye of Dankowskie from the Mazovie Plaines, transformed into excellence, simply needs to be enjoyed in this monument of great character.

Fast forward to 2015 and immerse yourselves in a hotel with great character. Be adventurous: We are sure, once you have landed in Warsaw, this sprawling city will draw you into a contagious atmosphere – and the sandman will pass by the Hotel Bristol, just for you!



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