New campaign: Glance, Rekorderlig, Sol Maté

A new, cool drink will soon be launched in Switzerland. Glance is trendy, 100% natural and of excellent quality. The Fusion Drink combines pure water from springs around the Alps with fabulous flavours that taste of summer and vacation. Glance is the perfect refreshment for those who seek distinction and evasion.

Glance is a new type of lightly sparkling drink. It tastes irresistibly good thanks to its natural ingredients of the highest quality: clean, exotic and delicious, Glance boosts the best of natural mint – freshness and antioxidants, lime – refreshing and stimulating, and guarana – that is known for its stimulating and tonic effect.

Be it pure or in a cocktail, mixed with gin, vodka or rum, Glance will accompany us through the coming warm summer nights; a taste sensation as exquisite as a culinary journey through different countries and cultures. Glance does not contain alcohol and is very low in calories; a refreshing treat for your taste buds and synonym with a moment of delicious me-time. A true wellness drink!

About Rekorderlig

Rekorderlig is a wonderfully fruity pear cider from Sweden. It is a fourth generation family-brewed premium cider. But let’s not reveal too much already. We prefer you taste it for yourself and find out all you need online. You can find more information about Rekorderlig here: Official hashtag: #rekorderligcider.

About Sol Maté

Regardless of whether you prefer the samba or the tango, thanks to its natural caffeine Sol Maté is always pleasantly invigorating. Maté is an evergreen tree of the holly family, and is at home in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its leathery leaves are harvested during the summer months and then roasted, ground and steeped in hot water to make maté tea, the most popular beverage in South America. We hope you are delighted to receive this sunny greeting from us. More about Sol Maté on the brand’s website: Official hashtag: #solmateswiss.



  1. This drink sounds sparkling exotic and fresh pure or as a cocktail with ice cubes. Summer makes fun with a refreshing drink as GLANCE

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