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Schwarzkopf Color Ultimate

The first ever multi-usage permanent color foam

The experts from Schwarzkopf have developed the first, permanent, multi-usage color foam, which can be applied without mixing, simply at the push of a button, and which can be used more than once. The rich foam can be applied like a shampoo directly on the hair, without mixing. For long-lasting, highly intense colors that are perfectly covering grey hair and roots.

At the push of a button:

  • permanent, intensive colors
  • no mixing, no dripping
  • can be reused for up to 6 regrowth applications


Color Ultimate offers incredibly rich and generous color foam. Its structure is ultra fine and its selection of nourishing ingredients procures a silky smooth feeling. Its perfume is composed of fruity and floral notes making hair coloration with this product a sensual experience.

Ready-to-use dispenser

Thanks to the ultra modern application system, Color Ultimate makes hair coloration more comfortable than ever before! The innovation foam dispenser consists of two separate comportments: one for the color gel, the other for the developer lotion. When pressing the button of the dispenser, both get instantly mixed so you don’t have to do that yourself. What’s best: the remaining color foam can be kept and used for ultimate regrowth application!

Intensive care conditioner

The intense care conditioner regenerates the hair structure, leaving your hair looking healthy and shining intensely. Just massage it into your moist hair and rinse it out after two minutes.


940 Pearl Blond: light blond with a subtle pearly shine. Recommended for light to dark blond hair. This color is not recommended for grey hair.

700 Dark Blond: a beautiful, natural blond color. Recommended for light to dark blond hair. Covers greys perfectly.

665 Light Chocolate Brown: an intense light brown with chocolaty highlights. Recommended for dark blond, light and middle brown hair. Perfect for treating grey hair.

668 Hazelnut: procures an intense hazel shine. Recommended for dark blond, light and middle brown hair. Perfect for treating grey hair.

465 Dark Chocolate Brown: dark, sensual brown with chocolate colored highlights. Recommended for light to dark brown and black hair. Also covering grey hair to perfection.

499 Dark Cherry: lets hair shine with a vibrant purple color. Recommended for light to dark brown and black hair. Perfect for coloring grey hair.

400 Dark Brown: natural dark brown color with an intense shine. Recommended for light to dark brown and black hair. Covers grey hair perfectly.

388 Dark Red Brown: breathtaking dark auburn color. Recommended for light to dark brown and black hair. Perfect for treating grey hair.

100 Black: intense, shiny black. Recommended for middle to dark brown and black hair. Covers grey hair.
Schwarzkopf Color Ultimate Gamme


The innovative foam dispenser provides for an incomparable coloring sensation – convenient as never before, without mixing! The rich foam can be massaged into the hair without dripping. And another novelty: Color Ultimate is multi usage. You can store it until you need it again, either for another full-head application or for up to six regrowth applications!


  1. Je viens tout juste de tester la coloration Color Ultimate teinte 465 Chocolat foncé, et j’aime beaucoup! Je voulais surtout redonner un coup de boost à mes cheveux un peu ternes et le résultat est là. J’ai trouvé le produit très simple d’utilisation et j’ai beaucoup aimé la texture mousse. Au niveau de la couleur, je m’attendais à une couleur un tout petit peu plus clair, mais ayant les cheveux naturellement foncés cela me convient aussi très bien. Le changement n’est pas flagrant mais mes cheveux sont plus lumineux! C’est donc un produit super cool!

  2. Voilà, je l’ai essayé ce matin. Très simple d’utilisation, ne coule pas, pas de mélange à faire, facile à appliquer,couvre bien les cheveux gris, seul bémol, la couleur ne correspond pas vraiment à mon choix qui était blond foncé (700), je suis plutôt devenue chatain cuivré entre-temps. Mes cheveux étaient peut-être un peu foncé pour cette couleur. Je pense que je ferai faire une couleur plus clair chez mon coiffeur pour pouvoir ensuite utiliser un blond foncé.

  3. I ‘ve tried it and I was amazing by how easy and mistake free the whole procedure was. The color payoff is great and my hair look shiny. I will post a more detailed review on my blog end of next week!

  4. I usually highlight my hair at a hair salon, but i am really interested in colouring them at home!

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