Michel Couture

Michel – Swiss Men Couture with a British Touch

Looking for a chic masculine look? Check out Michel Couture, devoted to men’s ready-to-wear fashion, with clothing and accessories to dress with twisted Swiss refinement, a slight British Touch and state-of-the-art Street style. Michel stands out – with its inspiration drawn from London streets, clearly displaying a penchant for a chic but relaxed mixed look. … more »


Peps up your drinks: Mister PepUp

Who has never dreamed of being a James Bond spy, trendy and discreet, with a revolver in his hand and a flask in his pocket! With Mister PepUp the flask gets a modern twist and becomes a statement. With its flexible, practical packaging, it fits easily into any jeans or jacket pocket. Using the latest … more »


PubliBike: the story continues

Not long ago we were given the opportunity to offer 20 of our coolbranders a SwissPass abo so that they can test the bike sharing service PubliBike for three months. We have already informed those who were selected by e-mail. If you didn’t get an e-mail from us but would like to discover PubliBike, too, … more »


Clarisonic, the little brush that makes skin beautiful

With a beauty routine of only 60 seconds daily to a more beautiful skin! That is the promise of iconic high-tech brand Clarisonic that EVERYBODY is talking about. Now, Clarisonic is also available in Switzerland! Originally developed for skincare professionals to use in treatment, Clarisonic quickly became the N°1 cleansing brush recommended by leading dermatologists, … more »


coolbrandz at Websummit: what tech leaders associate with Switzerland and cool

Websummit was an incredible experience for us but more to that in a later post. Today is all about the analysis of the responses given by the event participants to our little quiz about “cool” and “Swiss”. coolbrandz was selected as an ALPHA startup and given the opportunity to present itself with a little stand … more »


YuMe: Ed Haslam, between You and Me, does size matter…when advertising?

Incredible but true, I managed to get a hold of Ed Haslam, the Senior Vice President Marketing of YuMe, during this year’s Festival of Media Global. When I spotted the title of his Showcase theatre session, I was instantly intrigued: in advertising, is screen size really a matter? Nobody is better placed to answer that … more »


Samsung News: Usain Bolt Joins Forces with Samsung

The world’s fastest man and the Samsung NX300 camera bring speed and power to your photos! Samsung Electronics today announced a new partnership with athletics superstar Usain Bolt, coinciding with the UK availability of the NX300 in the UK. Renowned for his extreme focus and speed, Usain Bolt is the perfect champion for the NX300 … more »


Alp ICT Lift Venture Night: and the winner is… Faceshift

So last week we posted about Lift, the leading conference on digital innovation. Coming back from the event we can only stress how very enriching and inspiring Lift truly was! Always on a tight schedule we were able to attend on Friday only and thus missed out on The Venture Night organized by Alp ICT. … more »

Lift-Discussion with Venkatesh Rao, Noah Raford and Konstantina Zoehrer-(C) liftconferencephotos

Make Innovation Happen: Lift, the leading conference on digital innovation

For the eighth consecutive year, Lift attracts high-level speakers, exceptional thinkers and innovation pioneers to explore the current trends in technology. Over a thousand participants from 30 countries will meet to anticipate the future and turn innovation into opportunities. Over 20 high-profile speakers, professionals from organizations such as Wipro, MIT Media Lab, Etsy, Arduino and … more »


Catecar, or how a Swiss Dragonfly captured my heart

Earlier this year, I don’t remember exactly where or when, I read an article about the Catecar, a “Swiss Green High-Tech Urban Vehicle”. A pretty long description for something that looks about as big as a Smart car. But what caught my eye immediately was the most assuredly Swiss design of the little vehicle, which, … more »


It’s Graphic: The New FREITAG Mac Air® Sleeve!

Whether a truck trucks through the Arizona desert to pick up tons of hot chillis in Mexico, or a truck trucks to Spain to get some sweet strawberries for Zurich’s Gold Coast coasters, it’s always homesick for its own, safe and comfortable garage. There, after a long day of hard trucking, it can shift down, … more »


Try to remember… When was the last time you enjoyed truly delicious espresso?

When you reached the summit of the Jungfrau? While hiking in Verbier? Just before paragliding? On a bike tour? Lakeside Geneva? In a car? Well, probably not. It was likely to be in a café, at a friend’s place or sitting on a sunny terrace. And yet… Here comes Handpresso, the (only) brand that offers … more »


Hello Little Printer

As we wend our weary way through the digital era, I am still in awe of initiatives that set out to forge the bonds between the real and the virtual and reconcile the worlds of analogue and digital. Here’s a unique project: Little Printer by London-based BERG, which aims to put real paper back into … more »


Why there’s not a bird in every cage

Today, I would like to share with you my deplorable fate: my sweetheart is a serial shopper! When I go to town with Patrick we always come home heavily laden: three pairs of men’s shoes, a belt, a Paul Smith travelling bag, a Serge Lutens Eau de Toilette (so sexy!),… and for me just one … more »


Doodle: organisation ‘Swiss style’, easy and effective. In other words, cool!

Doodle takes care of everything… it’s a sexy piece of kit! Huh? You mean it’s the ideal guy? No, it’s just the ONLY website that helps you organise and plan: your next girls’ night out the local sports club, chess, cookery, finance, committee meetings a simple meal with your expat pals who only come to … more »

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