Baselworld 2014: the world was watching

Posted on 09/04/2018 by coolbrander's voice

Baselworld 2014 is now over. Every year the watchmaking industry celebrates the incoming new watches that will, for most of them, literally blow your mind in terms of ingenuity, beauty and prestige. This year the international watch fair brought 150’000 visitors from 40 different countries, 4’000 journalists and 1’500 exhibitors. Basically the entire world came to Basel.

Rolex-Booth-BaselworldBrands, the annual sales are at stake.

Let’s not forget that Baselworld is above all a B2B congress. The goal is for professional buyers to meet Brands and place their orders for the incoming year. So if you have a bad Baselworld, you know already that your sales figures for the year will be bad. So the first 3 days are very intense. Every 30mn you get an appointment with the buyers, sometimes with the press and bloggers. A brand booth is a fortress that you cannot enter without being invited to. Inside you will find meeting rooms, presentation rooms and sometimes even restaurants and lounges. The biggest of all: Rolex with 1650m2 on the ground, 3 floors, 2 restaurants and 500 people working inside every day. Hublot has a private lounge on the top in which you can order anything to eat. Patek Philippe revealed a new booth this year, from Retro to avant-gardism. According to the official press communication, 2014 should be a good year for the Swiss watch-making industry.

New 2014 watches. 

We always wonder what can still be invented that was not yet created. And every year, they come up with something new and sometimes even revolutionary.

Some watchmakers explored new materials. Rolex explored Syloxi, from the family of silicium in order to boost the movement accuracy and power reserve. Girard-Perregaux-Neo-TourbillonChopard started buying Fair trade Gold directly from South American producers and Girard Perregaux used Ruthenium, an alloy of the Platinum family.

In terms of technical breakthroughs, Tissot launched the first wrist watch powered with solar cells incorporated in the dial. Breva launched the first mechanical watch with Altimeter and barometer. Victorinox Swiss Army launched a watch called the Inox watch. A tank of 24 tons could run over it and the watch would be ok (not sure about the person wearing it).

Hermes-Dressage-Heure-MasqueeWatch-making is also about poetry and make you dream. Hermes launched Dressage l’Heure Masquée. A beautiful watch in which the hour’s hand is hidden behind the minute’s hand. So it is the watch owner who decides when he wishes to see time by pressing the push button. So you own the time and you can mask it whenever you want. You create a special relationship with your watch. Romain Gauthier launched Margot. It is the first watch with a 100% female complication. This one you will never see in a man’s watch. You discover a daisy flower in the centre of the watch. By using the pusher button, you can blow the flower petals away. “He loves me, he loves me not… “

Once again Swiss watchmakers have proved their know-how and their industry mastery.

Now the curtain is down and the show is over. We will all go home with stars in our eyes hoping to see these beautiful creations in people’s wrists and hearts. A watch is your daily companion. It knows all your feelings, your daily adventures, your greatest moments as well as the less good ones. It will always be there as soon as you place it on your wrist. Switzerland does not only make watches. Switzerland makes time.



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